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  • amdo
    Hi (again) and hello. I ve just joined this group, and this is very exciting because edible, fruiting and nutting shrubs and trees are my main interest. I ve
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 19, 2003
      Hi (again) and hello. I've just joined this group, and this is very exciting because edible, fruiting and nutting shrubs and trees are my main interest. I've spent years and years in more or less complete non human company, in deep meditation, and like to plant them widely, if only for the wild animals! At the moment though I'm at my parents who have a beautiful acre of mature of woodland, and mature cherry, apple and pear trees here in the heart of kent. I've planted a few unusual trees, like monkey puzzles (only two so far, i may need to plant a few more to be on the safe side I think), and am growing some walnuts from essex, and chestnuts from spain and local seed, as well as various other things like fruiting hawthorns, various current bushes, and a CRESENT moon dianic magic vegetable garden! ...I also have some nursey prchased to plant 4 or so trees, morello's for a north facing wall and 2 or 3 big lush purple fruiting cherries, yum!
      The areas inbetween the  trees and shrubs are meadow...left fallow last year, the suckers harvested and planted out around and about. I plan this year to cut maybe 2 or 3 times this summer with a sythe, scraping the grass around the basis ov the trees etc. It is very very beautiful!
      I would like, if possible to know some varieties of nice (particularly early and late season) bushes and smallish shrubs.
      Does anyone have any suggestions of varieties and places where I can get these (for free!) - suckers/cuttings etc etc?
      My own garden is in Mam, mother, (Anglesey), is remote, windy, sunblasted and mountainside, surrounded by heather, gorse, and backs to the south east by a rearing mountain, covered with scots pine. There's plenty ov room to plant out edible and native trees...but conditions are not ideal for fruit trees...it's taking a while for the windbreak hedges to grow up high...but the sea views and the white horses make up for that! These conditions are what Every's nuts (see other post) are made for. I plan to collect a load from his nuttery this autumn. (I was too late last season). It's great to just plant them out all over the place, in hidden groves in forests, or in hedgerows...Tree spirit magic is very powerful, healing, telepathic, and shapeshift magic. The garden is like alchemic reality generator! ... this can bring problems as I've already siad, if one's vision is ov a 'community wide' changing nature...police helecopters shapeshifting into your path...not so good. It can be isolating being a pure vegan alcemist in the UK countryside. There's a sort of game played in this society..break the sacred space and your through...through into what you may well ask...superficially a maoist 'game', but more deeply a christain one (ie anti goddess tribal). That's my findings anyhow. Its worrying I tell you. Hopefully off to india soon (again) where the culture recognises and appreciates witches and saints rather than attempting to scapegoat them. Usually unknowingly, but not always...(and this goes for 'new agers' not just the usual suspect, ie police /freemasons etc ). Of course were talkng tribal cymru realities here, perhaps the real and genuine avalon, the one where police, army, violence cannot exist!..and these forces (and you'd be suprised indeed people, who and what they channel through) WILL DO ANYTHING to trash these sacred spaces. believe you me, I know. From scurrellous covert harrasment to overt intimidation. This alchemy is genuinely Tribal (and thus a CHAOS TRAP to the freemason fear/rape power) not yer usual, 'acceptable', run ov the mill, new age stuff.
      Bright blessings!
      Allah Akbar!
      Om Shiva!
      Many Blessings to his Holiness the Dalai Lama, being ov luminescent light!
      King Amdo.   
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