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Re: [pfaf] Re: Plant trading or SASE

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  • daniel wildman
    Hi  manofpeace: I am glad that some of the links were of soem help as well to some others in th PFAF group. If you come across any other links psot them I
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      Hi  manofpeace: I am glad that some of the links were of soem help as well to some others in th PFAF group. If you come across any other links psot them I offten check some of the email post, but the are lots of repeats so its hard to keep up.
      maybe start new post for them. Anyway yes I do write poem's, check out www.poerty.com under my name.
      Thank you Daniel Wildman (there all mine)

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      From: manofpeace32 <manofpeace32@...>
      To: pfaf@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Saturday, July 5, 2008 2:57:44 AM
      Subject: [pfaf] Re: Plant trading or SASE

      hey thanks very much very helpful
      As of now Im alittle busy but I saves you message in with all those

      When I wrote this It slipped my mind of some links I know of, and as
      a matter of fact
      On free cycle(A local group that offers things they no longer use.
      like for instance a working washer after upgrading or clutter)

      Sombody offered a trading forum SO Now All I have to do is copy/
      paste the letter (It might be long for only two links.)
      By the way I saw your profile
      looks like we have writing poetry in common

      ____________ _________ _________ _________ ________
      ____________ _________ _________ _________ ________
      I know of a web site with plant trading
      accualy two
      1 after you join the have over 100 forums some about native plants
      (trading also.) (depending where your at.)
      1 about wine,
      1 called name that plant which is great if you have a digital camera
      the botinist on it most likely will be able to help tell you what your
      plant is.

      Oh and a trading site is on it
      along with the other forum about gardening.
      Oh also seed trading even bannana trading
      (they have drawf that grow in doors )

      Ok I know you didn;'t ask
      just listing what the list of forums has to offer.

      http://forums. gardenweb. com/forums/
      this may seem over whelming

      OPPS I better modify this before I send this
      Got alittle ahead of myself
      these are the trading forums
      I hope that makes it easyer for you
      http://forums. gardenweb. com/forums/ exchind/

      (maybe hitting ctfl buttom or control button along with f
      to pop up the find box might help find the forum your looking for
      after you type in the word your looooking for.

      this one is on the yahoo groups but let me warn you
      if your looking to only be a part of the trading forum
      they claim to ban people for that
      Im not sure why but the owners are very helpful though.

      http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/organichom esteadinggardeni ng/?

      this is the trading post.
      I hope you could offer more plants on Free cycle (also) though.
      http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/OHGtrading post/?yguid= 239347903

      --- In pfaf@yahoogroups. com, daniel wildman <spiderman18102@ ...>
      > Hi manofpeace: Here are some USDA website links, I hope some of
      them will be of help to you, As well as others in the group
      interested in invasive plants. I also included some Organic Plant
      Breeding Information for you, an others interested in this technique
      > http://afsic. nal.usda. gov/nal_display/ index.php?
      info_center= 2&tax_level= 2&tax_subject= 298&topic_ id=1430
      > garden seeds and offering a large selection of those seeds for
      sale. ... USDA . Economic Research Service. Data from the National
      Plant Breeding Study
      > Sustainable Organic Plant Breeding
      > Louis Bolk Institute.
      > This report discusses opportunities, needs and challenges of an
      organic plant breeding system.
      > http://www.nsl. fs.fed.us/ USDA Forest Service - National Seed
      Laboratory. ... The National Seed Laboratory, operated by the USDA
      Forest Service, is the only facility of its kind. ...
      > http://www.mi. nrcs.usda. gov/programs/ pmc.html
      > Plant Materials Program & National Ash Tree Seed Collection
      Initiative ... Emerald Ash Borer Info - Web site created by the USDA,
      USDA Land Grant colleges ...
      > These are but a few USDA sites, if you Google "USDA offering seeds"
      you will find several others that may be of intrest to you, an maybe
      some others in this group. I relize that sale of seeds for Seed
      Companys is not Permited, but it is on the USDA site, so I hope this
      will be posted.
      > Thank You Dan
      > ----- Original Message ----
      > From: manofpeace32 <manofpeace32@ ...>
      > To: pfaf@yahoogroups. com
      > Sent: Thursday, July 3, 2008 1:32:01 PM
      > Subject: [pfaf] Plant trading or SASE
      > I was wondering if anyone else thinks this would be a good idea?
      > To me it would be good to trade natralized plants or natives as I
      > wouldn't want to be responsible for a invasive plant taking over
      > habitat's
      > Oh accualy now I think of it I read somthing about, USDA offering
      > seeds, and another web site That I have th links to
      > Imnot sure how to go about that, but just thought I could share the
      > links also.
      > when I can find them
      > Not the USDA link I can't find after searching for a while, and Im
      > not sure if I'd get a email back.
      > Im intersted in cross Breeding / hybridization (or pollen)
      > grapes invasive plants
      > to try to make them non invasive
      > or most other things
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