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Happy Cob Nut Bonanza!

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  • King Amdo
    I ve just discovered in the apple orchards out the back of the house huge piles of discarded sprouting cobnuts waiting to be propergated. This is in West Kent
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 19, 2003
      I've just discovered in the apple orchards out the back of the house huge
      piles of discarded sprouting cobnuts waiting to be propergated.
      This is in West Kent near Tunbridge Wells. Big a big sack and help yourself,
      map ref landranger 188 634415. Easy to locate...on the hill, at the edge of
      the apple orchard area, on the top of a rise that has been cleared of fruit
      trees and planted with small native trees....a few big wooden apple boxes
      around...Many are just spouting and will need collecting, packing into sacks
      with damp soil or potting into contains very soon, or they'll just dry out
      in the summer. I'm very much into just casually spreading the edible food
      idea out into the community....and as there often seems to be squirrals
      around in the garden, propergation in pots etc is difficult. (again, if my
      tibetan cast wasn't seemingly under constant attack from various negative
      forces, this problem would not exist!). I'm thinking of just allowing them
      to sprout in sacks, and then taking a load out at a time on walks, carrying
      a pointy stick, and prodding ahole in the ground, popping a nut inside, and
      firming down the soil..all things being equal, they should grow well.
      blessed be.

      I'd Also like to take the opporuntity to network the location ov a very very
      cosmic project...A hill country nuttery, now overgrown, located in the East
      Powys hills. For those of you interested in cultivars of nuts for the 1000'+
      contour line, here's 40 years work of selction/propergation etc, all lying
      to waste. The nursey was a Mr David Every's, a 'old school' dreamer,
      visionary, and practical worker, vegan, animal liberation activist and
      general all round hero! It was very poiniant wandering round the overgrown
      lands (6 acres of hazel and walnut - Every's speciality, and the old
      derilict sandtone house, with scattered alternative literature, old copies
      of greenline etc etc), Amazingly this place has been lunched out, one could
      speculate on the immediate causes of this nialisatic neglect, being the
      usual suspects, the 'negative energies' of western ego, proped up by
      christainity and of course this sort of vision, especially being a community
      wide trip, being immediately hostile to the 'status quo' of
      exploiotation/ranching etc etc.

      Instead of being enacted, this valuble nuttery has been abandoned, and was
      sold privately to someone primarily interested in the redevelopment of the
      derilict house there...whether they are interested in nut trees, I don't
      know. Let us hope so...Then at least the trees will be saved. But it really
      is a shame, Uk vegan/food forest movement, that this place isn't being
      developed in the way evry would have dreamed of, as a community resourse,
      the house made into a study cetre and the cultivars propergated and
      distributed on a increasingly emergency basis! I mean it's all very well
      writing idealistice visions of tree based culture being reinstated here in
      the sid (united kingdom), but in order to make this tree based non vilent
      reality real we have start enacting it! Then the rest follows!! We already
      have a UK vegan horticulture centre at Plants for a future at blagdon, this
      would have been a perfect complement, community forest hill country, edible
      tree centre. Non competition is the thing, is the essense of higher states
      of consciousness, I know that 'the bastards' make us work so f'ing hard that
      deep meditational peace becomes literally (seemingly) unachivable, but
      nevertheless. Everything in Heaven is in fact free, and these states of
      reality are in fact achievable here and now...not just 'when you die'. Magic
      is real, Every's place is magic, his was/possible is a way into this true
      magic, deep avalon, ...go check it out at, Landranger 148 324703, next to
      the appropriately named sheep farm, 'Folly Farm', nearby Tref Y Clawdd
      (Knighton), Powys, Cymru (Wales).

      Bright Blessings!,

      Om shanti!, shanti shiva! shanti shakti!,

      Allah Akbar!

      With PIXY power!

      King Amdo.

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