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RE: [pfaf] Food Scare Stories - this time an anti raw food vegan one:

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  • Nigel Kirby
    I have been vegan for 12 years now , my wife for about 20 and my son since birth (he s 10). None of us has seen a doctor in that time except for my son for
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 21, 2008
      I have been vegan for 12 years now , my wife for about 20 and my son since
      birth (he's 10). None of us has seen a doctor in that time except for my son
      for accidents incurred during rough play and sports. Actually, I did need a
      medical check-up to get my green card and the doctor said I had excellent
      health. My wife had no problems during pregnancy and mild colds and the
      occasional flu is the sickest any of us has gotten in that time. In fact,
      when intense illnesses seem to be going around that 'everyone' is getting we
      usually miss it completely or get a mild version of it that doesn't even
      keep us from our usual activities. My son hasn't had any of the usual
      'illnesses' that most kids get and most people that meet him comment on his
      brightness and energy. As a kid I was regularly sick with stomach aches,
      headaches and colds - nowhere near as sick as most kids get but all of these
      things vanished when I became vegan and the more raw I eat the better I

      My wife worked at a medically supervised fasting center for years and
      routinely saw people cured of cancer, heart disease etc. In fact, she was
      invited to be a part of the original foundation team at Gabriel Cousins
      center in Arizona who have just recently released a movie called 'Raw for 30
      Days', kind of like the opposite of 'Supersize Me' in which you see people
      being cured of diabetes and off all medications in a matter of days after
      being on a raw food diet. http://www.rawfor30days.com/Site/Home.html At the
      Natural Hygiene Convention she attended she saw people in their nineties
      bouncing around like kids.

      Of course, if you're vegan and eat nothing but processed foods free of
      animal products but full of at preservatives, additives, colors etc. then
      you can be sure to be sick but then you would be eating raw. I think vegan
      is too narrow a term and certainly doesn't imply health. There are many ways
      to be vegan. If you are a raw or mainly raw vegan I would assume that means
      you are eating a lot of whole foods in their original form and therefore are
      most certainly healthier than if you weren't.



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      The next healthy vegan I meet will be the first.


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      > Subject: [pfaf] Food Scare Stories - this time an anti raw food vegan one:
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      > http://www.independ
      > Freeky huh?
      > I was vegan for a few years and quite radical with it. I
      > stopped
      > getting any flu type viruses. I still am aware of not
      > taking the piss
      > too much (in terms of 'gak' food) - and would
      > recommend it for
      > protection against disease infiltration into your body in
      > the
      > 'western' context. That was a cooked vegan diet.
      > With the forest
      > garden and fruit and nut plantings etc I am aiming in the
      > longer terms
      > to do more of the David Hart thing,
      > http://en.wikipedia <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Hart_>
      > What a guy! The idea being that you graze and forage in the
      > garden for
      > fresh fruits and nuts and store a load of different things
      > also for
      > winter use, bottle stuff also, eatings green leaves (which
      > maybe this
      > family were not doing), roots and the like. Cannabis also
      > maybe, which
      > makes this forest garden thing all the more deep and cosmic
      > for real.
      > Or can do.
      > I'm sure its ok for adults at least. Its a truely
      > cosmic experience
      > also - not because you are starving or anything (and thus
      > tripping out
      > naturally). It just was somehow. Definitly got something
      > there. I
      > think you are more attuned to the cosmic side of things if
      > you are not
      > stuffed and fattish. These days, I'd happily eat whale
      > with the Makah
      > - if I was so honoured to be invited. I also was so
      > 'commited' that I
      > would only get it together with a female if she was vegan.
      > Damn! I
      > missed out on some gorgeous women as a result. Now my love
      > life is
      > over of course - a retired meditant.
      > Likewise travelling abroad - it can be foolish to try and
      > maintain a
      > vegan diet whilst in tribal areas. On the other hand, the
      > 'meditation'
      > of a vegan diet is part of a religious meditation somewhere
      > like
      > India, and thus respected. Jain monks for example. Quite a
      > few people
      > seem to exist on white rice and dall there, not a very
      > balanced diet.
      > I found in the mountains that reality was so wound up in
      > magic and
      > religion anyway, that it becomes real - like people are
      > feeding off
      > tribal energy, that when you are part of it, you do so
      > also...there
      > are always people who fall through this reality/net though.
      > Even if
      > its true.
      > Blessings.
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