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RE: Fruitipedia - open source?

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  • Alastair McGowan
    Yes I do agree that the open source paradigm can admit factual errors and this is a serious negative - however, the power of thousands of people perhaps many
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      Yes I do agree that the open source paradigm can admit factual errors and
      this is a serious negative - however, the power of thousands of people
      perhaps many more, in their contributions and checking and discussion based
      on empiricism can correct these errors over time. And of course you can
      correct them yourself.

      Anyone making persistent factual errors tends to be countered by the open
      academic basis of the medium. In any case - a few errors are the very stuff
      of a natural organic process (cf. evolutionary principles), precision is the
      way of non-natural and non-human mechanistic culture that we are generally
      trying to move away from.

      Members can be vetted - perhaps initially limited to those with an academic
      or other authoritative background. There are many ways in which a degree of
      central control can be maintained akin to Arthur Koestlers idea of Panarchy,
      e.g. an editorial class similar to Wikipedia's new approach.

      However, the most powerful aspect of open source is the sense of
      participation and 'ownership' which can create a mass movement which directs
      social power to your cause - and which creates content which a centralised
      system can only achieve by using many times more energy and focus - if you
      have that energy and focus then I applaud your efforts since this is an
      immense challenge

      My own background is organisational psychology, human ecology, consciousness
      and complex systems

      I hope you will revist the idea of Open Source from time to time. In the
      meantime, if I have any content from my local plant knowledge I will
      certainly contribute it.

      Best Regards

      Alastair McGowan


      From: Dr. Chiranjit Parmar [mailto:parmarch_mnd@...]
      Sent: 21 June 2008 09:31
      To: Alastair McGowan
      Subject: Re: Fruitipedia - open source?

      My dear Dr. McGowan,

      I feel greatly encouraged by your comments about Fruitipedia. Thanks.

      Fruitipedia is an "open source" site but of course slightly different from
      Wikipedia. All are welcome to contribute articles, comments, corrections
      etc. in Fruitipedia. But this will be through me and not directly as in
      Wikipedia. As editor, I want to have a look at the material to ensure that
      there are no "factual errors". What I know that Google have started having
      problems as a result of their open source policy. That is why I have kept a
      small restriction.

      I hope you will agree with me.

      Please DO SEND articles to Fruitipedia.

      Dr. Chiranjit Parmar

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      From: Alastair McGowan <mailto:alastairmcgowan@...>

      To: parmarch_mnd@...

      Sent: Saturday, June 21, 2008 11:54 AM

      Subject: Fruitipedia - open source?

      Dear Dr Parmar

      Fruitipedia is wonderful. Thank you.

      I have a suggestion, if you have not already considered this: If Fruitipedia
      were open source so that anyone could contribute, edit, review and comment
      on entries you could harness the power of thousands of people (just like
      Wikipedia) and build the content at a rate which one organisation alone
      could never do. I have made this suggestion to PFAF also.

      Again, thank you for your work.

      Best Regards

      Dr Alastair McGowan

      EcoVillage <http://www.ecovillage.co.uk/>

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