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Re: buying and selling property (and other things).

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  • Jim
    Oh right...I assumed that the scottish legal format thing for putting secret bids for real estate through a solicitor was merely (british) colonial law in
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 18, 2008
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      Oh right...I assumed that the 'scottish legal format' thing for
      putting secret bids for real estate through a solicitor was merely
      (british) colonial law in reality, and that in a free Scottish setting
      they'd be more open in deals - like the Irish...they seemed like that
      to me anyway, rather than the weirdo middle/upper class
      English/british vibe that dominates the real estate market and other
      aspects of life down south - because this strata of society is the
      power in terms of money and influence, however nice anmd matety the
      'workers' etc are (down south) - Thus the poncy behaviour of British
      estate agents - acting as though each and every sale is in fact the
      sale of country estate or something...in hushed tomes "no no, we can't
      reveal the level of offers sir, that would be so common".

      Anyway I've said way way too much on this forum recently and should
      shut up a while! I'll put some more photos up of the Weald Forest
      Garden on the next sunny day I can take some probably tomorrow. Well
      its not really a forest garden seeing as it is severely lacking in the
      ground cover layer. I spoke to the meadows initiative person at the
      High Weald unit - they sell wildflower seed, and so I'll buy in some
      seed for the grass areas, and try and establish some nice wildflowers
      there. They want you to create bare soil areas before sowing the seed
      in the Autumn/Fall to help get the seed established which sounds a bit
      of an ordeal especially as I might be in India then...that means
      fixing someone else to do it.

      I always thought that sort of scheme (meadows initiate) would go down
      a storm in Wales if it got going.


      ..oh excellent, just googling for that, I discovered this:



      "Under threat - on hold - Eithinog & Brewery Fields, Bangor
      Part of an important part of a patchwork of fields, mature hedgerows,
      copses and wetland, where wild orchids and over 20 different
      butterflies occur, the area is the focus of a long-running environment
      protest against plans for housing. Gwynedd Council owns the meadows,
      which many local people have used for more than 60 years because they
      are the only accessible open land in this part of Bangor."

      This was where the protest was that Danny Zapata came over too and
      gave me the eagle feather whilst he was here.

      I'm very pleased to see this organisation up and going - last year I
      was hassling the local CCW (countryside council for wales) people and
      the wildlife trust people for seed, there was nothing happening then
      at all really. I gathered seed myself from various sites including
      lots of Yellow Rattle from Eithinog. Now I suppose I should have used
      herbicide to clear bare soil areas, in the Forest Garden thus to sow
      the seed into. I didn't do that and so establishment will be slow,
      difficult or maybe non existant on the Anglesey site because the
      current grass there is very lush.



      --- In pfaf@yahoogroups.com, "charfair fairchar" <FertilityFair@...>
      > There are strange reasons for laws. In Georgia, no one is given the
      > dimensions of a house! I can't tell anyone that my house is so big
      or not,
      > because that is illegal. We measured the outside, so we know it is
      over 2000
      > square feet.
      > Laws are strange. Maybe the prices get higher with the people who
      have that
      > secret bidding in Scotland. My mother's people are from the Isle of
      > and when I buy buy shoes, I wear them out. They are truly ugly befrore I
      > give them up, and I always thought that was a trait from the Scots in my
      > family. But then, I had uncles who liked to hold hands with me before
      > grabbing an electric fence for a nanosecond! Scotland has its ups
      and downs,
      > but it just makes life interesting, if at times harder to survive or
      > prosper.
      > --
      > Charlotte
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      > www.kudzus.blogspot.com
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