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reating change: environmental studies and the arts

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  • Robert H. <lostman_amiga@yahoo.com>
    Call for Proposals (Final Announcement) creating change: environmental studies and the arts April 4-5, 2003 Spelman College Atlanta, Georgia An intensive
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 12, 2003
      Call for Proposals (Final Announcement)

      creating change:
      environmental studies and the arts

      April 4-5, 2003

      Spelman College

      Atlanta, Georgia

      An intensive two-day conference devoted to exploring
      and establishing links between the
      creative and performing arts and environmental
      studies/science. This meeting is intended to bring together
      ? Creative artists in all disciplines
      ?sculptors, graphic artists,composers, performing
      musicians, video artists and
      filmmakers, dancer/choreographers, playwrights,
      performance artists;
      ? Scientists, especially those engaged in research
      and pedagogy related to the environment;
      ? Scholars in humanities, fine arts, and
      religion/philosophy doing ecocriticism or other work that investigates
      ways in
      which the arts interface with, and re-imagine, the
      natural world.

      ACTIVITIES: A broad range of creative and scholarly
      sessions will be
      scheduled, according to the interests of the
      participants and invited guests. These may include:
      performances,lecture-demonstrations, study groups
      (discussions), paper sessions, and film or video
      showings. Facilities at
      Spelman include state-of-the-art multimedia
      classrooms, gallery space, and areas in which video,
      music, and
      environmental installations can be realized.

      ? Redefining environmental art: new materials and
      ? Establishing coalitions between artists and
      recyclers, manufacturers,
      environmental justice groups, scientists and
      scientific organizations
      ? Addressing major global environmental issues
      (e.g., biodiversity,
      energy crisis, habitat loss, population growth,
      environmental racism or colonialism) through
      creation and critique in
      the arts and humanities
      ? Spiritual and religious dimensions of the dialogue
      between artists and
      environmental scientists
      ? Cross-disciplinary approaches to sustainable
      ? Multivalent approaches to ecocriticism, including
      work in music, art,
      literature, drama, and religious studies

      ? Artists, composers, etc., should send written
      descriptions (max. 500
      words) of their proposed exhibit / performance /
      demonstration, plus supporting materials appropriate
      to the work
      (e.g., CD, slides, sample video, jpeg graphics of
      representative work, etc.).
      Please feel free to contact the appropriate arts
      representative (see below) if you have specific
      questions about framing a proposal.
      ? Scholars and critics should send an abstract (max.
      250 words) of a
      proposed paper or lecture-demonstration. If you have
      a panel proposal, include names of all participants
      plus an abstract
      describing both the overall theme and the nature of
      each participant's contribution. In all cases,
      please indicate
      institutional affiliation. Paper proposals will also
      considered for inclusion in panels.

      DEADLINES: If submitting by mail, please postmark no
      later than 20
      February 2003; use one of the contact addresses
      listed below. If submitting by e-mail, please send
      no later than 23
      February 2003; use one of the e-mail addresses
      listed below.

      STIPENDS: Some assistance is available to cover
      selected participants'
      travel expenses. These funds, provided through the
      Associated Colleges of the South, are used to
      ensure participation by at least five ACS
      institutions and
      to ensure balance, diversity, and excellence in the
      final conference
      offerings. Please indicate your interest in a
      stipend, and
      provide an estimate of your expenses, when you
      submit your proposal.


      Environmental Studies/Sciences:
      Victor Ibeanusi, Ph.D.
      P.O. Box 235
      Spelman College
      Atlanta, GA 30314

      Visual Arts & Art Criticism:
      Toby Martin, M.F.A.
      P.O. Box 258
      Spelman College
      Atlanta, GA 30314

      Music & Humanities:
      Lawrence Schenbeck, D.M.A.
      P.O. Box 316
      Spelman College
      Atlanta, GA 30314
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