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Re: yardlong beans

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  • Torrens (lists)
    In article , ... Maybe I ll slightly qualify that! Did a search for toxic beans
    Message 1 of 8 , May 27, 2008
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      > Hilary Robinson <hilrobinson@...> wrote:
      > > Hmm, are there any toxins in the unboiled seeds?
      > > Regards, Hilary

      > Unboiled bean seeds you mean?

      > Kidney beans are apparently poisonous raw but I know of no other bean
      > that is so.

      > Many common food plants have 'toxins' but at a level that makes it
      > difficult to eat enough to do harm. Prussic acid is present in lots of
      > fruits. Oxalic acid in lots of leaves.

      > We evolved to eat a wide variety of foods and not surfeit on single
      > varieties. Many of the 'toxins' are in fact neccessary trace elements.

      Maybe I'll slightly qualify that! Did a search for toxic beans
      Interesting! But don't over-react!

      Runner and french beans are eaten as pods - if you wait for the beans to
      develop significantly they are stringy and not worth eating (as
      shop-bought beans generally are). Broad (field) beans are shelled - but
      they do not taste nice raw.

      We never cook pod beans fully, simply heat them up, and I have eaten raw
      runner beans for years. So either the toxin levels are very low, or the
      beans only develop toxins as they mature. Probably both.

      Most 'poisonous' plants will only make you sick, there are very few really
      poisonous plants and if you are into wild food, you ought to familiarise
      yourself with your local dangerous plants.
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