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Re: [pfaf] Biodynamics-Moon Phases

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  • ossi
    Hi, I am very much interested of this research and where are you located ... Years ago I participated in a very deep seminar on plant regeneration and
    Message 1 of 2 , May 6, 2008

      I am very much interested of this research and where are you located ...
      Years ago I participated in a very deep seminar on plant regeneration and
      antroposophic science by G. W. Schmidt, which was one of his last seminars
      and kind of overview of his work. He was third generation researcher on
      biodynamics - it was translated from german into finnish and russian.
      There are lots of people connected in Finland through his courses and I
      can serve as information carrier in between if you wish - but for that I
      would need to know more about your research. I could also try to reach the
      russian participants as they have had their projects going on too... I've
      also been studying work of Maria and Mathias Thun and one person I know is
      currently running extremely detailed research on these issues here in

      It's springtime and I'm busy gardening - so will be back in detail a bit
      later. At the moment from microclimatical perspective the element of water
      seems dominant which means formation of leaf growth and with downward
      going moon cycle - I'm busy planting and transplanting leafy vegetables -
      and this element will surely change soon so then I will probably plant
      still plums, apples and sea buckthorn, - but overall after few days the
      moon cycle starts to rise up and I will focus in harvesting springshoots
      of wild plants and sowing more plants... that's the way I observe - very
      simple practice - not so much research as I have no controls but anyway -
      but there are people around who do a bit more serious research in terms of
      science and I can help contacting them if that's what you're in for ....

      ossi kakko

      > I would like very much to learn of your research. I knew there was one
      > university professor who was able to document significant differences in
      > growing above ground crops during waxing moon ("better" plants) and those
      > above ground crops he planted during waning moons (weaker plants or no
      > sprouting at all). However, I have no further information as to who or
      > where this study took place. I myself have just begun to garden in this
      > way
      > (as to moon phases) and do not have the time or energy to do a varible
      > trial. If I find/have reliable experiences will certainly contact you.
      > Right now I am concentrating on trying to plant as to the moon phases
      > while
      > simultaneously doing companion planting.
      > Regards, Mvhayv
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      > From: "vic_doyle" <vic_doyle@...>
      >>I am doing some serious research into biodynamics, particularly the
      >> effect of the moons phases on plant and tree growth. I've made some
      >> great breakthroughs in this and I'd like to hear others' experiences. I
      >> intend to publish all my findings and I will credit all sources
      >> accordingly.
      >> For those not sure what biodynamics is, email me and I will get some
      >> information out to you.
      >> Many Thanks
      >> Vic Doyle
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