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Tropical Alliance

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  • Zanetti Ederson Augusto
    Dear Sir: It is fundamental, if we are talking about legalizing timber trade within producers and importers, that two main objectives can be foreseen: first
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 18, 2002
      Dear Sir:

      It is fundamental, if we are talking about legalizing
      timber trade within producers and importers, that two
      main objectives can be foreseen: first that a block
      must be build among tropical producing countries,
      second that this block should fight for a Bann on
      temperate and boreal timber products.
      Without a strong power of political influence, which
      can only be reached by agreement with countries on
      similar productive systems, the challenge of taking
      out from businees people who constantly sustain their
      positions by taking oportunities first arranged for
      political miscareness will be hard to.  If all
      tropical forested countries can sit together and
      measure their forces and weekness for increasing the
      awareness on the thema of sustainable forestry, than
      we have a strong argument, took from commom sense, for
      bitting out those who bett on our own incapacity of
      mutal recognition.
      Illegal trade is rulled and runned by people who take
      advantage of the bitg lapses of time in-between
      problem recognition, problem assesment and problem
      solving, if this is made separately by each country,
      time from the first step to the last is long, allowing
      enemies from the governance to act.  If we reduce
      this timming than their operations will became
      dificult and maybe join the good forest practises can
      be seeing as an advantage.
      I will take one example that i know pretty well, in
      Brazil, our government fights to put certification of
      our forests as a main goal, for market reasons. 
      I was talking with some chinese companies about the
      problem of buying not certified timber, presenting the
      problem and talking about bringing certified timber to
      our trade operations, of course this would demand
      further arrangements, manly on finances, but they
      would have total legalized timber.  meanwhile
      another company came into the scenario, offering
      larger amounts of timber and with no considerations
      about certification.  My government cannot have,
      or cannot aford to have, a strong policy on allowing
      only legal timber to be trade, cause there are many
      other countries, like China, that have bigger social
      problems and cannot accept international "voluntary"
      certification mechanisms.  Because both countries
      haven�t yet argued themselves about their procedures
      and come up with a solution, the second company is
      doing business, while I, who brought up the trade as a
      problem, will have to wait some years untill the
      procedures are stablish.  Next time i won�t be
      talking about it anymore.
      This is why for having capability of requiring
      whatever it might be from the private sector, first
      the governments must go to their own process of
      recognition on fundamentals.
      Secondly, but even more important, temperate and
      boreal forest are responsible for 75% of the timber
      traded in the planet, and there is no person that
      doesn�t understand the fact that this forest have
      lower levels of biodiversity and rotation periods of
      average 100 years.  Countries that hold those
      forest, however, have a strong political influence on
      markets and a well build cooperation when it becames
      to be aware of tropical policies.
      Tropical forest had been overtaken by agriculture
      sector, this has already cause a major rate of
      destruction into its ecossystem and a degradation of
      life quality, not to mention the obvious increase of
      poverty.  People which really intend to provide
      room for growing with sustainable development concepts
      can not afford to repeat the same mistake done in the
      past, when the world population was ignored, since
      they could be used for development.
      Nowadays the only way for lowering poverty and
      conserving nature is to link both.  So, if we do
      not allowd forest products from tropical countries,
      notably poor ones, to be broader spread all around the
      globe, history will again prove that pressure over the
      poor is pressure over the nature.  For lowing
      down the pressure we should "cut" the percentages of
      timber products from nothern rich countries and give a
      pice of them to tropical producing countries, whithout
      money it is impossible to pay for the environmental
      services of the forest.

      Forest Greetings

      EDER Zanetti

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