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Re: [permaculture] Where/How to start

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  • Graham Burnett
    (fwd d to UK permaculture list & eco vegans list as might be of interest) ... From: Margaret L Wilson To: Sent: Sunday,
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      (fwd'd to UK permaculture list & eco vegans list as might be of interest)

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      Subject: [permaculture] Where/How to start

      > I think my biggest hurdle to turning this old ranch into a self sustaining
      > permaculture, that I can leave to my grandchildren, is actually knowing
      > where to start. I think it would be much easier to start with a bare
      > piece of land rather than having to live with someone else's mistakes
      > you are trying to repair and redesign everything.
      > Margaret SW Oregon

      A key principle about permaculture is, I think, that we start from where we
      are... as a person who lives in a large conurbation with an 'allegedly'
      (disclaimer ;-) ) corrupt council who are more interested in putting roads
      through 11th century public parks, and also want to build incinerators on
      public land, where I live is hardly 'the permaculture ideal'- ditto the site
      of this years UK permaculture convergence/conference, held in Easton,
      Bristol, a highly impoverished/run down inner city zone where people are
      making the very best of a bad lot, was truly inspiring- like I say in my
      book 'Permaculture A Beginners guide', not alot of us have a great deal of
      control over where we live, especially if we ain't got alot of cash... But
      we can all have a hell of alot of control over HOW we live...

      Consider the mistakes of your predecessors as 'limiting factors', overcoming
      these is all part of that wonderful experience known as the permaculture
      design process...

      Over & out (for now)

      Graham Burnett

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