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  • Steve Sainsbury
    Well, Martin, With respect I must say that your approach (ostensibly meant to guide us back to PFAF ) seems more likely to spark even more debate (which is
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 17, 2008
      Well, Martin,

      With respect I must say that your approach (ostensibly meant to guide us
      "back to PFAF") seems more likely to spark even more debate (which is not a
      bad thing in my eyes - what's a forum for, anyway?); and since most of the
      debate in this thread actually has been about plants and their uses, I can't
      see the trouble with its content.

      The fact that you see the debate as being about drugs only clears up YOUR
      perspective on the issue.. For example, lots of people don't even think that
      "drugs" is an appropriate term to use for something found in nature.

      Our way of categorising things is a manifestation of our egotistical and
      limited vision for their possible uses.

      Taken as one example, Cannabis has a multitude of uses - it is possibly one
      of the most useful plants on the face of the planet - and yet the stigma of
      illegality and harmful effects (based largely on vengeful media hype
      rather than proven scientific evidence) have nearly removed it from the
      law-abiding public's grasp. I am not referring here to simply smoking (and
      consumption as food) of marijuana, but also the use of the plant in all its

      It must be said that only hemp seeds, as a product, require the female plant
      to be grown to full maturity (the condition needed for marijuana to be
      harvested), and all fibre-based products could be obtained with no
      possibility at all of even producing any "drugs."
      However, the illegal status of the whole plant in most of the world means
      that a simple farmer producing rope, cloth or paper (or any number of other
      products) can have his or her life ruined.

      Even hemp seed production is not conducive to marijuana production since the
      energy the plant devotes to growing the seeds tends to remove the potency
      from the flowering tops.

      The health benefits and versatility of hemp seeds and their oil is a matter
      of public knowledge, as is the vast array of possible uses for the two
      different types of fibre found in the plant stems.

      Talking about Plants For A Future... Cannabis is one of those plants.



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      Posted by: "martin" martinwnaylor@... martinwnaylor
      Sat Feb 16, 2008 6:52 pm (PST)

      To get of this debate about drugs and back to pfaf
      the fact is we are a carbon based structure anything that effects that
      system is a drug
      people have different views on drugs for example here in Australia it
      is decriminalised in one state and one territory[out of 5 states and 2
      territories so basically i could take one step and i am either a
      criminal or not-go figure, i have heard in Holland you can buy it in
      cafes but not sell it, in Spain you can grow your own and smoke in your
      own place but not outside or sell it, in the US some states allow
      medical use
      A group that looks at psychedelics and there use is www.maps.org they
      have done research at Harvard Uni in dosing up alcoholics to get them of
      alcohol and much more

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