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cross pollination

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  • Travis Philp
    I know this is a very novice question but its one that I haven t found a clear answer for. I m self taught and have never come across this information. I was
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 6, 2008
      I know this is a very novice question but its one that I haven't found a clear answer for. I'm self taught and have never come across this information. I was hoping someone on the list would be so kind as to shed light on this for me:

      If I plant say, wild strawberries near a cultivated variety, will the offspring of the wild strawberry plants take on some of the cultivated varieties genes and traits? I am assuming yes but maybe I'm misunderstanding things. I'd like to plant a native species forest garden but I also would like to have cultivars of some of the native plants but not if I will be weakening the gene pool.

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      Subject: [pfaf] This seasons nut seed etc

      Hi everyone!

      I'm very chuffed to now be the proud owner of 40 acres of woodland and
      pasture in the sussex weald. Very beautiful and cosmic it is too. So
      I've done a Foresrty Commission felling licence for the chestnut
      coppice and larch clearfell. In the main it will be native
      regeneration, but also 1 hectare of non natives. (on the non ancient
      semi natural territory) I want to make some nut groves. This is the
      species schedule:

      Carya illinoensis (Pecan, improved)
      Carya laciniosa (Shellbark Hickory, improved)
      Carya ovata (Shagbark Hickory)
      Castanea mollissima (Chinese Chestnut)
      Juglans cinerea (Butternut)
      Juglans nigra (Northern USA, var. `Potsdam')
      Juglans regia (Hardy Carpathian, var `Combe' and `Broadview')
      Juglans sieoboldiana cordiformis (improved) (Japanese walnut/Heartnut,
      var. `Campbell CW3')
      Juglans cinerea X Juglans sieoboldiana (Buartnut)
      Corylua avellana (Hazel, var. `Kentish cob nut')
      Quercus macrocarpa (Bur Oak)
      Quercus ilex ballota (Holm oak, var.sweet)
      Carya ovata X Carya illoensis (Hican, var. `Burton')
      Prunus Dulsis (Almond)

      I would also like to plant groves of:

      Araucaria araucana (Monkey puzzle) (This is rated as the best conifer
      for nut production in the Uk and I have about 40 or so seedlings of these)
      Pinus Pinea (Stone pine)
      These are mostly from Grimo nuts, $10 a lb.

      Am growing them mostly in the fertiliser sack method, but am also
      experimenting with direct seedling, having 'tainted' the seed with a
      touch of creosote to keep rodents etc away. 'squirrel away' hopefully.

      Got a geezer making some fencing for me in the pasture - including 27
      tree shelters to keep deer off, a design shown in the BTCV handbook on
      fencing. I'm off to meet a local geezer who executes deer and knows
      people who execute rabbits and grey squirrels (for food use). Oh well
      - so much for the Tibetan style non violent reserve trip!!

      Had to be done - very serious regeneration/growth of seedlings problem
      with these non native creatures.

      I Have quite a few Yew trees from 1 foot to 3 foot high in pots If you
      want one or even say, a batch of 13, FOR FREE!!! please email me on:


      Pick up yourself, near Tunbridge Wells.
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