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Sept Oct Courses at Plants For A Future

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  • Richard Morris
    Folk, I d like to invite everyone to the following courses and events happening at Plants For A Future this Autumn. Sat 1 - Sun 2 Sept: Healthy Eating, a Raw
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 5, 2002
      I'd like to invite everyone to the following
      courses and events happening at Plants For A Future this Autumn.

      Sat 1 - Sun 2 Sept:
      Healthy Eating, a Raw Food Diet and Nutrition course.
      Sept 13 - Sept 20:
      Wetland Ecosystems, design and implementation.
      Fri 20 - Mon 23 Sept: Shaping The Future 2
      Plants For A Future's Autumn Gathering - all welcome.
      Weekends of 5/6 and 26/27 Oct:
      Woodland Gardening Course.
      Weekend of 19th/20th October:
      Green woodworking.

      Wetland Ecosystem: design and implementation
      First module Sept 13th - Sept 20th
      With Jay Treebough of Biologic Design

      A unique opportunity to participate in the one of the most ambitious
      ecological wetland systems in the UK with the UK's foremost
      wetland systems designers.
      This course is the first step in a series of modules devoted
      to designing and implementing a whole site water management systems
      for Plants For A Futures 84 Acre site in North Devon. When completed
      the system will become a showpiece for water management comprising
      a series of swales, ponds and reedbeds and will include a 4 acre lake.
      The water system will enable the whole site to be water
      self-sufficient, with water harvesting and filtering for human
      consumption, grey water recycling and collection and distribution
      of water for use in our various demonstration gardens.
      A large variety of useful wetland plants will be used in all parts
      of the design.

      The First Module will focus on:
      · Design and implementation of The Demonstration Gardens
      wetland system.
      · Surveying and design for whole site.

      Cost £150.00/week

      Healthy Eating Course
      1st-2nd September 2002

      With Sho and Dao
      of the Ecoforest raw food community.

      Two days looking closely at nutrition and living foods
      Comprising a series of two hour talks:
      · Anatomy of Digestion
      · Bacterial Digestion
      · Health problems and Solutions
      · Sustainable lifestyle options

      And… Raw Food lunches prepared together

      Cost £50 (a limited number of concessions are available)

      The Garden of Love: Woodland Gardening Courses

      5th/6th Oct and 26th/27th Oct 2002
      With Stephen Nutt And Plants For A Future

      Two weekend courses inspired by Robert Hart and Ken Fern looking at
      design and implementation of a woodland garden within an existing
      woodland: "The Garden of Love" which is dedicated to the memory of
      Robert Hart (the pioneer off temperate 'forest gardening') and will
      form a central component at Plants For A Future's Education Centre.

      Cost £50 per weekend (a limited number of concessions are available)

      "Shaping The Future 2" the Plants For A Future Autumn Gathering

      20th-23rd September 2002

      4 days activities and space with many possibilities including:
      · Creation and maintenance of Gardens
      · Developing wetland ecosystems
      · And other infrastructure development
      · hold your own workshops!
      · Exchanging skills, knowledge and ideas
      There is no fee but Contributions in money or in kind most welcome

      Green Woodworking
      19/20 October 2002

      With Anthony Waters of West Country Woodsmen.

      An introduction to Green woodworking: harvest wood from
      Plants For A Future's 15 acre woodland, and then…
      Create chairs, stools, benches, coffee tables etc. using pole lathe
      Cost £75 a limited number of concessions are available

      See You Here!


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