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Re: [pfaf] edible plants

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  • Dan Culbertson
    If you *know* a leaf type is not toxic (check the PFAF database) but it is too tough or bitter to eat raw try this: Collect a bunch of leaves from a bunch of
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      If you *know* a leaf type is not toxic (check the PFAF database) but it is
      too tough or bitter to eat raw try this:
      Collect a bunch of leaves from a bunch of plants, chop them up a bit, and
      boil them slowly for about a half hour in a crock pot or rice cooker. If you
      have any vegetable parings around from making salads (onion skins, celery
      tops, carrot peels, etc.) add them too. Strain off the boiling water and
      use it as a soup base. Can be frozen in an ice cube tray for latter use or,
      possibly, boiled down into a thick base or powder to save for winter (I
      haven't tried that). If you taste the leaves in the field and they are
      really bitter you might want to boil them separately and see how they taste
      boiled before dumping them in the mix. Make sure they are edible first (the
      PFAF database or any good field guide for edible plants).

      Yesterday I made a nice soup base out of the following leaves and stems and
      such: wild Florida Betony leaves, wild celery stems and leaves (going to
      seed), garden strawberry leaves, wild blackberry leaves, papaya tree leaves,
      avocado tree leaves, squash vine leaves, bean vine leaves, wild grape vine
      leaves, canna plant leaves, wild Bidens alba (Spanish Needle) leaves,
      cockscomb flower (for color), pine needles (green), lemon grass leaves,
      kaffir lime tree leaves, sweet potato leaves, and a handful of lawn grass
      (and probably a few more things I can't remember). Only used a little of
      each one and the overall flavor was generic green and slightly lemony (from
      the lemon grass and lime leaves). With a bit of vegan "no-beef" base and
      garlic along with barley and dried veggies added it was a good soup today.
      Made the dried veggie soup taste much fresher than normal and I suspect it
      had more vitamins and other good stuff. Hopefully none of those things are
      going to kill me - but they are listed as "edible" one place or another.

      Of course that all isn't "without cooking" but some of those things would
      take a goat's gut to digest raw. Or a shredder/grinder and a compost heap.
      Might have been able to dry them and powder them and turn them into munchie
      kibbles - but cooking them is probably much more tasty. Anyhow, I agree
      with the person who said we don't eat enough leaves. Eat more greens! They
      won't kill you (usually).


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      > Hi everybody!
      > I want to post questions but I don't know where, so I tried it on this
      > space.
      > Here are my questions:
      > Can humans eat green leaves from fruit trees and even grasses without
      > cooking?
      > Can we dry or process these leaves to preserve them for later use,
      > say, during winter?
      > Where can we find proff that we can eat leaves from fruit trees?
      > Thank you very much.
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