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Re: [pfaf] cancer tx

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    In a message dated 9/19/2007 7:42:28 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, megamalito@hotmail.com writes: thanks! i m recoveringcomfy at home, the thesurgery at over 10
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      In a message dated 9/19/2007 7:42:28 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time,
      megamalito@... writes:

      thanks! i'm recoveringcomfy at home, the thesurgery at over 10 hours was
      longerthan exspected. i have 28 staples, a skin graft, and i feel fairly
      normal. my prognosis isnt so rosy, however,

      there are a lot of herbs that help cancer, if you can get loquat
      fruit eat a kernel two or three times a day to get laetrille,
      be careful, this is amygdalen the cyanide precursor, nature's

      Be careful to check for harmful interactions first with any
      medicine you are now taking for cancer. I understand that
      astragalus can help with chemotherapy side effects if you
      are on that already, or was it ashwaghanda, check the books
      or online first.

      i remain in fightingspritis
      and will mis my bike riding and work for the time being.

      Recent research showed that people who have cancer show
      real low adrenaline. Which brings me to your statement

      must do my

      I don't know what kind of meditation you are doing, but most
      of them fall in the category of encouraging alpha waves
      and relaxation not adrenaline. Some visualization of white blood
      cells (I guess with fangs?) attacking and eating cancer cells
      was used to strengthen a cancer meditator's system with some
      benefit, I read this years ago.

      Other meditations that try to engage deities or spirits or are
      part of some energy transferring system with its roots in an
      initiation like reiki risk attracting entities that would ride the
      current or come separately and in either case feed, making
      things worse. There is stuff out there that doesn't like us and
      can make nice for a while.

      I would suggest perhaps experimenting with little mirrors
      surrounding and containing and turning the cancer cells
      back on themselves, mentally wrap them in real reflective foil
      reflective side inwards?

      Ask Jesus to bless the effort He is very powerful. There are
      some saints who are apparently not all that dead, a St. John
      Maximovitch whose incorrupt remains are in San Francisco
      has a great reputation for healing. The oil from lamps burned
      in his honor is sought by many, but it is currently given only
      to the Orthodox by the bishop's orders, but if you download an
      icon of him and print it and burn a votive candle with a little
      olive oil poured in the hollow around the wick after it has
      burned a little, and ask for his help, the resulting oil wax, not
      as fluid as oil and not as solid as wax, is smearable and you
      can put this on yourself. Use a plain white unscented candle.

      It can't hurt.

      Mary Christine

      hanksagain for yr positive thoughts,


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