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Re: [pfaf] Re: natural cancer treatments (came from "sylabus review")

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  • Griselda Mussett
    Hallo Michael I have just been reading a book about the work of a doctor in Germany treating cancer patients. It is called Choosing to Heal by Janet Edwards,
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 9, 2007
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      Hallo Michael

      I have just been reading a book about the work of a doctor in Germany
      treating cancer patients. It is called 'Choosing to Heal' by Janet
      Edwards, and published (here in the UK at least) by Watkins Publishing,
      |SBN 978-1-905857-00-5.

      The doctor's name was Dr Waltraut Fryda. I do not know if she is still
      practicing but I am sure someone else must be following up what she
      achieved. The methods she advocates are diametrically opposed to the
      'cut, poison and burn' methods of orthodox medicine. She discovered
      that many cancer patients are very low in adrenaline. She also
      considers the balance of the whole person, including emotional and
      spiritual. There are details of the diet she recommended to Janet
      Edwards on p55.

      The book is definitely worth reading, even if you don't have breast
      cancer as Janet Edwards did.

      I will send you some Reiki healing if you want, Michael. Best wishes
      for your recovery.


      On 9 Sep 2007, at 01:52, <icculus2000@...> wrote:

      > Hi Michael,
      > I am sorry to hear about your situation. Cancer has touched my family
      > also.
      > While all signs point to a combination of methods being the most
      > successful treatment, I have been hearing a lot recently about beets
      > and beet juice as a cleansing, toxin removal agent. Apparently there
      > is a doctor in Germany who has been recommending it for years.
      > My understanding is that the constituents of beets draw toxins from
      > the body's tissues and they are excreted in the normal way - the
      > limiting factor being that if too much toxin is drawn at once, the
      > kidneys will be overworked and you will feel ill. Therefore a
      > sustained programme of small quantities of beet juice or extract
      > should help with certain conditions. I'm sure it works better for some
      > conditions than others. But on the other side of the coin, how much
      > harm could it do?
      > Anyhow.. this is largely anecdotal, though plants do of course have
      > healing properties.
      > I am not the one to tell you it's the right choice for your situation.
      > I wish you peace and a full recovery, no matter what.
      > Steve.
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