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Permaculture Design course in Nicaragua

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    The 18-day permaculture course will be held on stunning Isla Ometepe, an island of twin volcanoes in southern Nicaragua. This permaculture site, Project Bona
    Message 1 of 1 , May 30, 2007
      The 18-day permaculture course will be held on stunning Isla Ometepe,
      an island of twin volcanoes in southern Nicaragua. This permaculture
      site, Project Bona Fide (www.projectbonafide.com) has been in
      development for nearly a decade, and has become an important center
      for education and community development. The 26-acre demonstration
      site features infrastructural systems such as: natural buildings
      built with local materials, terraced zone 1 gardens, medicinal plant
      gardens, an extensive nursery, seed bank, developing fruit and nut
      orchards, food forests, native timber forestry initiatives, timber
      bamboo plantings, water-catchment, drip irrigation and ferrocement
      technologies, renewable energy systems, and composting toilets.
      These systems help to support our social programs, such as the
      Escuela del Campo which is a program that provides educational
      opportunities based in ecological agriculture in order to facilitate
      the exchange of knowledge and skills throughout the local community.
      We also work closely with a local Women's Group, Rosas de Volcanes,
      on a variety of community based efforts. The Escuela del Campo,
      Rosas de Volcanes, and Bona Fide all work together on community
      reforestation efforts that are supported by our seed bank and nursery
      endeavors. These reforestation efforts are furthered supported by
      our annual "Intercambio des Semillas", or Seed and Plant Exchange.
      Bona Fide also supports Café Infantil, a children's nutritional
      kitchen run by local women in the town of Balgue (the local community
      we serve). Our upcoming projects include a community center, planned
      for 2008. Our developing site, interwoven with the support we've
      received from our local community, allows Bona Fide to be fertile
      ground for cultural exchange on the island and beyond.
      Some of the topics covered in the February 2008 Permaculture Design
      Course will include:

      · Principles and Ethics of Permaculture Design
      · Site analysis and design, from the tropics to temperate
      · Landscape master planning and microclimate design
      · Reading the landscape and pattern recognition
      · Design for climate change
      · Regenerative Land Management and Stewardship
      · Water catchment, storage, filtration, and distribution
      · Biologically based treatment of greywater and blackwater
      · Using greywater in the landscape
      · Natural building techniques and vernacular architecture
      · Plant propagation and grafting
      · Organic horticulture
      · Medicinal plant propagation, usage and preparations
      · Biointensive gardening and seed saving
      · Soil rehabilitation and fertility strategies
      · Myco-forestry and myco-filtration
      · Orchard design and maintenance
      · Renewable energies and biofuels
      · Local and Regenerative economics
      · Urban and suburban permaculture strategies
      · Ecovillage design and community building strategies
      · Networking within the permaculture community and beyond

      …..and MUCH, MUCH more!

      The course is taught in English and is simultaneously translated into
      Spanish via FM-headsets in the classroom.

      Instructors: Doug Bullock (US), Christopher Shanks (US) Maria
      Bullock (Poland), Andrea Calfuquir (Argentina), Hannah Roessler
      (Canada), Katherine Young (GB).

      Interpreter: Christopher Fallas (Costa Rica)

      ***Combined experience in permaculture design: 58 years and counting!
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