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[Fwd: Permaculture workshop in the Ukraine]

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  • Richard Morris
    Though this might be of interest: ... -- p.s. Can I take this opportunity to encourage to you to join our friends of Plants For A Future membership scheme.
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 26, 2002
      Though this might be of interest:

      Monika Frank monika_pk@... wrote:
      > Dear friends,
      > like in the last few years we are offering an international workshop in the
      > Carpathian mountains of Western Ukraine.
      > The German association Ostwind e.V., this year in collaboration with my
      > workcamp-company frank & frei, is looking forward to advance this project in
      > the heart of the Carpathian National Park.
      > The situation is an abandant trout raising farm including: a lovely,
      > traditionally built wooden house, serving as accomodation, other buildings
      > to be transformed into an informational area and lots of space, creeks,
      > empty ponds, for which a Permaculture design has been worked out. The
      > different features of the design will be implemented year after yaer.
      > So far, there is a bath/sauna cabin, a compost toilet, a free standing
      > greenhouse (logs and clay) and a washing place using the water of the creek.
      > This year, we want to realise:
      > * a greywater treatment system using plants and some of the old ponds
      > * a little kitchen garden just outside the house
      > * decorations and improvements on the water supply and on the bath house
      > * and if there is time, write and translate informational material about
      > these structures.
      > Developping this place into a demonstration area for low-cost and low-tech
      > possibilities in order to live comfortably and sustainably in this
      > mountainous area (which is part of the wider plan of sustainable regional
      > development), is a real challenge. You just CAN´T pop into the shop and get
      > the "right" tool or equipment, improvisation and imagination are often in
      > demand!
      > On the other hand, it is a cultural exchange, fostering the relationship
      > between East and West. Our Ukrainian friends will teach us their dances,
      > songs and stories, and their hospitality is incredible. Next to the house is
      > a field-center for geography students who will do their practicals at the
      > same time as our camp, so lots more of exchange, singing and visiting is to
      > be expected.
      > Of course, we will also go hiking and discover the geology and flora of the
      > Carpathian mountains, enjoy the tranquility (no mobile phones!!!), the river
      > and the forest. For those who come on the train, a visit of the old and well
      > preserved town of Lviv (Lemberg) is forseen.
      > please ask for full programme: frei@... (Monika Frank)
      > for details about the project, the house, the area: www.ostwind-ev.de
      > I would be very happy to welcome you to the Ukraine and be part of an unique
      > experience. If your plans for the summer are already made, I would
      > appreciate it very much, if you can pass on this message to your friends and
      > collegues.
      > Sustainably yours,
      > Monika Frank
      > Permaculture workshop in the Ukraine
      > Date: 17.- 31. August 2002
      > Participants: min. 6, max.12
      > Costs: 660 Euro without travel; 880 Euro with travel from Berlin. All
      > included except Visa and evt. restaurants in Lviv. Please look up your Visa
      > regualtions for the Ukraine. (Visa service only possible for German
      > residents - sorry.) Children only pay their transport.
      > ********************************************
      > Monika Frank
      > Dipl.Ing. Landespflege (landscape architect)
      > Schwanseestr. 6
      > D - 81539 München
      > ph. ++49-170-9985255
      > in Spain:
      > Buzon 1
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      > E - 04270 Sorabs, Almería
      > ph. ++34-696104846
      > email private: monika_pk@...
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      p.s. Can I take this opportunity to encourage to you to join our
      friends of Plants For A Future membership scheme. Membership is only
      £10 a year (£15 overseas) and we are trying to recruit 1000 friends
      in the coming year. If we can reach this target then we will be
      able to secure the land for our demonstration gardens and visitors
      centre in Devon which could become a shining example of woodland
      gardening, sustainability, and the use of perennial plants.
      See http://www.comp.leeds.ac.uk/pfaf/friends.html for details.

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