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  • Richard Morris
    Folks, The following may be of interest. Turners Field is pioneering permaculture project, in Somerset which has been running courses for several years and
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 13, 2002
      The following may be of interest.
      Turners Field is pioneering permaculture project, in Somerset which has
      been running courses for several years and have recently been appealing
      a decision to have their planning permission removed.

      Ann Morgan wrote:
      > the decision from the planning inspectorate after the public inquiry in
      > february has arrived!
      > The summary reads: The appeal is dismissed and the enforcement notice
      > is upheld with corrections and variations
      > So ~ for the first day or two after it arrived I just felt hurt and sad
      > that our world is like this, with the frame of values held by the
      > planning authority seemingly stuck fast. There's a lot that could be
      > said, but for now I just wanted you all to know that now I'm fine and
      > feeling positive again. The new situation needs to be seen as an
      > opportunity. The planners have said, "no, you can't have our approval
      > for what you're doing. You didn't do this, and that, you failed to turn
      > TF into the recognisable institution that we wanted it to be."
      > If the decision had been 'positive', we would have soon been heavily
      > involved with eco-building plans, fundraising for it etc. As it is, the
      > planners have said they don't want to co-operate with us at all,
      > negotiate or co-create anything. How they think they are going to
      > fulfill the stated objectives of their Agenda 21, sustainable
      > development, rural regeneration responsibilities they don't say ~ but
      > Ann Norgan and TF are deemed by them to be a failure that must be
      > cleared up. They have said that the site doesn't need to be returned to
      > bare agricultural land, yet what they expect to happen here now they
      > don't say. Human habitation over the past 16 years has created a very
      > different invironment. It can't simply be abandoned to grow into what?
      > on its own!
      > However, luckily it is not their decision alone what happens here next,
      > but up to all of us. There is the possibility of taking the case to the
      > High Court of course, which involves applying for legal aid, which it is
      > not certain I would get, and applying for leave to appeal, which would
      > only be granted if it was clear that there was a legal point to
      > address. The Human Rights legislation is probably the only way in and
      > the barrister who acted for Tf at the inquiry is looking at the
      > situation.
      > This refusal of the authorities to be creatively involved at any price,
      > maybe now means that something newly interesting, brave and imaginative
      > can happen! What might it be?
      > I shall sit with it for a while and wait for inspiration and/or messages
      > from wherever.
      > With love and appreciation to all of you, for your help, interest and
      > support.
      > >From Ann
      > Watch this space!

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