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Towards an Ecology of the Self

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  • Graham
    www.spiralseed.co.uk/ecoself TOWARDS AN ECOLOGY OF THE SELF -Zone Zero Zero permaculture design notes by GRAHAM BURNETT You start with your nose, then your
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      -Zone Zero Zero permaculture design notes

      "You start with your nose, then your hands, your back door, your
      doorstep. You get all that right, then everything is right. If all
      that's wrong, nothing can ever be right"
      -Bill Mollison

      A small booklet exploring the role of the 'personal' in permaculture
      design systems. The interconnected permaculture ethics of earthcare and
      peoplecare imply that wholeness and earth repair is not just about the
      wider ‘out there’ of our gardens, farms, forests and oceans, but is just
      as importantly to do with the ‘ecology of the self’. Paying attention to
      our own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs and development
      is fundamental to good 'Zone Zero Zero' design. Just as peace is not
      simply the absence of war, so too health is not just about being free
      from disease. Therefore self-care - setting up holistic mind and body
      systems in order to avoid sickness, depression, stress and burn-out - is
      a vital part of enhancing well-being and developing personal effectiveness.

      £3.00 inc p&p
      take advantage of the special offer deal of purchasing 'Towards an
      Ecology of the Self' and 'Earthwritings' together
      for only £11.00 inc p&p
      35 Rayleigh Avenue
      Westcliff on Sea
      SS0 7DS
      Cheques payable to 'Spiralseed' please
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