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Re: [pfaf] a thyme to kill

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  • Griselda
    The only species that will survive on Earth are the ones that can get humans to care about them. It is wonderful to read peopleĀ¹s reactions to this
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 6, 2006
      Re: [pfaf] a thyme to kill
        "The only species that will survive on Earth are the ones that can get humans to care about them."   

      It is wonderful to read people’s reactions to this site...how useful it is, the sorts of places they live, the climates, the plants, the amazing things people attempt, the searches for seed, the democratic nature of it all.....I love it.

      But, this idea..that MAN controls the future of species’ survival through being interested...well, I really doubt it. The surviving species (like all weeds) will be the thugs, the out-of-towners.   Mosquitoes, rats, algae, lichens, deep-rooted things.  Man has interfered with so many plants, breeding, selecting, specificising....I think the ones that I care about, maybe the ones YOU care about, are the least likely to survive, sorry.

      Which is not to deny the death-toll wreaked on millions of species through our destruction of habitats round the world, and over-fishing and pollution and so on.

      What a grim subject. All I can do as an antidote is to say that on my newly acquired one acre in Kent (SE UK), up on the North Downs, I hear birds all day long, I see moths and butterflies of such beauty, there are dozens of (new-to-me) plants to be found every time I go looking.  I am creating a wild garden, starting with marvellous natural anthills two feet high (the yellow meadow ant). Planting food crops, wondering what to do with the horrid spread of Japanese Knotweed which someone seems to have introduced several years ago (aaagh!), and deciding it is worth doing a proper land survey at this early stage, to plot which weeds grow where.  This brings me full circle. There is no way of knowing for sure, but I bet these weeds survive me, any crops I plant, any trees I plant, any work I do......

      Griselda Mussett
      Faversham and soon also Stelling Minnis, Kent, UK.
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