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Re: [pfaf] Digest Number 52

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  • Graham Burnett
    ... Wot no Flash graphics, music files and animations???? (only joking- having just connected by new (to me) laptop with it s slow modem i m reminded of how
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 12, 2002
      > Message: 2
      > Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2002 22:32:18 +0000
      > From: Richard Morris <webmaster@...>
      > Subject: Web-site redesign

      > Folks,
      > I'm doing a redesign of the website, which you can see
      > an early version at
      > http://www.ibiblio.org/pfaf/new/index.html
      > there is still a good way to go. And only three of the pages are working
      > so far.

      Wot no Flash graphics, music files and animations???? (only joking- having
      just connected by new (to me) laptop with it's slow modem i'm reminded of
      how slow some sites are for many and thinking about a little redesign of my
      own site to make it load a bit quicker...)

      text is a bit big and 'in yer face' for my liking- the screen looks a bit
      cluttered at the moment. whatever you do tho DON'T put a front 'click to
      enter' page on whatever you do- if i were a casual browser I'd get bored and
      go off to look at the cramphorns site or something instead...

      > However, I'm stuck on a couple of points
      > 1) Logo - banner - stuff at the top
      > We really need a good looking header for the page and the
      > stuff at the top does not do it for me. And nobody else
      > like the old banner (sulk)

      There, there, Rich, I liked it...

      I like the new PFAF logo. Maybe the diamond graphic with the tree
      roots/branches could be more prominent- I really like that, and it would tie
      in with the (ahem) corporate image on your leaflet.

      > Any thoughts/designs most welcome
      > 2) Sub-Title
      > We also looking for a good sub-title something along the
      > line of
      > "A resource centre for edible and otherwise useful plants"
      > (a mouthful)

      But accurate. That's the one I'd go with. you can always change it if you
      think of something better later on...

      > "Promoting woodland gardening"
      > (not really all we do)

      No. Gives totally the wrong impression of what PFAF is all about.

      > "Edible and useful plants for a healthier world"
      > (not so bad but its already been taken by the book)

      Or actually I like this one even more. It's fine that it goes with the book-
      ties in with the corporate branding bit again (yuck yuck!)

      > so thoughts on this most welcome.
      > 3) Title for the database
      > So far we have
      > "Plants for a Future Species Database" (rather dull)

      Keep it. it's what people know. it's what people will type into search
      engines if they are looking for you.

      > "Natural Intentions Species database" (hum)

      Eh??? What the f*** does that mean????

      What on earth is the Role Playing Guide To Herbs BTW?? do people stand
      around pretending to be lemon balm or something???

      my forpennorth. Adapt or discard as you see fit!

      If you like I'll forward your post to the Ecovegans list I 'run' for more

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