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Re: Allium kurrat

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  • icculus2000@yahoo.com
    Hello Stephen (from Norway) I found A. kurrat (described as a small plant grown for its leaves and rarely seen outside Egypt and the Middle East ) online,
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 9, 2006
      Hello Stephen (from Norway)
      I found A. kurrat  (described as "a small plant grown for its leaves and rarely seen outside Egypt and the Middle East") online, and a good guess (in the ten minutes I have been searching, anyway) seems to be a grower in The Delta, Alexandria, Egypt, as it is widely acknowledged to be a primary and traditional growing region for Kurrat.  The commentator mentions Professor Zidan E. Abdel-Al of Alexandria University (in 2002).  This was according to one source (scroll down the page at http://www.odu.edu/webroot/instr/sci/plant.nsf/pages/leeks).
      This same person also visited or attended the University of Beirut and purchased and planted Kurrat seeds there - though I don't have a name. 
      Anyway, the page cites references and has photos in addition, though I assume you are at least somewhat familiar with the plant.
      Kurrat has good potential for permaculture, as the leek may be harvested without pulling up the root.  (you chop off the green and let the root regrow).. Though certainly a cover crop and some comfrey-type plants interspersed would help.
      I hope this will help you.. I know it can be difficult to solidify a source.  There are most likely some closer to you, but you might not find that out until you go to the original source.
      Stephen (from Bermuda)

      Date: Sat, 04 Feb 2006 21:24:12 +0100
      From: Stephe
      Subject: Allium kurrat

      Does anyone know of a source of this onion, also known as Allium
      ampeloprasum Kurrat Group (Cornucopia) - apparently still cultivated in
      Egypt and the Middle East, but very hardy I've read. However, I've never
      seen a source. Can anyone help?

      Stephen, Norway

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