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  • Richard Morris
    I though this would be of interest. Some links to seed suppliers. - Rich Eco-logic books Email Update: 07-Feb-06:
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 8, 2006
      I though this would be of interest. Some links to seed suppliers. - Rich

      Eco-logic books Email Update:

      Dearest readers

      As you may have noticed the newsletter is sporadic at best and last
      year was more sporadic than usual. This was mainly due to the fact
      that we spent most of last year zooming about trying to set up a shop
      - more on that in the next newsletter.

      Get Your Seeds NOW
      However it is that time of year when a person's thoughts turn to
      acquiring the seeds that will turn your allotment, balcony or garden
      into a verdant patch of wonderfulness. You can buy your seeds from the
      big multinationals (I just dare you) or you can support small family
      companies like Thomas Etty Esq
      or Simpsons Seeds

      Or even better you could go to a seed swap.

      Get Your Seeds Here
      So with a spring in the suspension this weekend I shall chuck the
      books in the back of the car and head on down to Brighton and the Old
      Market and �Seedy Sunday�. It is the doyenne of seed swaps - a fine
      day out and if I remember rightly from last year you can take seeds to
      swap, buy seeds, hear talks about seeds and so on and so on and there
      is generally some nice cake to be bought. The web site is well worth a
      visit and has a fab list of upcoming seedy events.

      Or Here
      We hide our light under a bushel but the Bath Seed Swap and Cake Fest
      is reckoned by some to be everything a seed swap should be. Local, a touch
      chaotic, some weird seed stuff and involving lots of cake. It is on
      Sunday 26th February at 15.00. Email me if you want more details.

      Or even Glasto
      United Reformed Church, Glastonbury High Street, Saturday 18th March,
      1-4pm. Plant and seed swapping - brand new event which deserves your
      support. More details from:

      Bloody, bloody, bloody Labour government
      One of our authors George Pilkington who wrote the splendid Composting
      with Worms has just sent me an email telling me of the monstrous
      proposed closure
      of the essential research centres within the Centre for Ecology and
      Hydrology. In case you were wondering what sins theses centres have
      committed to deserve such closure:
      Monks Wood -proved that DDT was killing birds of prey.
      Winfrith - showed that nearly 1/3rd populations of native plants +
      more than 1/2 native birds + 3/4 butterflies had declined. They also
      saved large blue butterfly
      Banchory - found that seabird populations were failing due to global
      warming affecting their fish prey.
      Make your disgust known to your MP and online - but hurry you only
      have a few days to register your outrage:

      Thanks Matt
      I know it's been around for ages but then so have I and I am a simple
      soul at heart. Check out the cartoon - and may the peas be with you:

      Finally no newsletter would be complete without a SPECIAL OFFER - the
      talented Sue Stickland - who I notice has a column in the Observer
      these days - wow, veg goes main stream - wrote the very splendid Back
      Garden Seed Saving - it's fantastic, useful and dead relevant to this
      seedy newsletter. It's yours for 30% off the RRP - pick up your credit
      card and mosey over to
      the eco-logic books web site

      Until next week(ish) when I will tell you about Homes 4 Good - keep on
      being the thorn in the side of those that would ruin our planet.

      pipi pppip pip

      Peter at eco-logic books

      p.s if you like our site please tell your friends about eco-logic
      books or better still forward them this newsletter - thanks a seedy

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      unsubscribe page of the website and enter your details and unsubscribe.

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