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    This is such sanity in a mainstream world of tree wrapping obsession...due primarily I think to the magic of the market ...great Medicine huh? Here s some
    Message 1 of 24 , Jan 18, 2006
      This is such sanity in a mainstream world of tree wrapping obsession...due primarily I think to the 'magic of the market'...great Medicine huh?
      Here's some antidote:

      orftuk <orftuk@...> wrote:
      The cheapest way to deal with rabbit / tree relations is to do nothing.

      I run a tree nursery with rabbits.

      They are fond of biting off thin saplings at about 5cm aove ground but
      i think this isnt for food, more of a 'tooth exercise', as they just
      leave the tops where they fall.The numbers of trees affected are small
      enough to ignore. They showed most interest in straight, tall 2 year
      old saplings like Aspen and Robinia. Sometimes this works for me as
      they help make some young plants bush out, e.g. Chaeomeles, and
      saplings destined for hedging.

      The worst trouble with them I have is when roots are exposed - they
      will leave tree roots looking like well chewed corn on the cob husks.

      So I'd say plant slightly deep so they arent tempted and cant pull
      them up, and dont leave any bare-rooted plants accessible to them.

      If you have heeled-in plants cover above the root area with a board or
      slabs or something they cant move.

      The thing to remember is rabbits, trees and sites are different
      wherever you go, so develop solutions from what you can see happening
      on your plot, and Good Luck!

      --- In pfaf@yahoogroups.com, "John Marshall" <john@g...> wrote:
      >  We have a rabbit problem here but none of our willows have suffered
      > being unprotected. Other trees are affected in a small way but
      usually only
      > for a short period. We have used spiral guards where the problem has
      > to worry us.
      > John Marshall
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      > Subject: Planting trees
      > Yesterday, Christmas eve.... we collected 330 bare rooted native
      trees - a
      > mixture of 60 purple osier, 60 common osier and 20 grey sallow - the
      > we hope to make a living fence from and also to create some
      > sculpture and possibly even fuel at some stage; 10 rowan which we
      will grow
      > as trees; 30 hazel, and 30 each of guelder rose, dog rose, burnet rose,
      > hawthorn, blackthorn from which we want to make a mixed native hedge.

      > I've been looking at buying/obtaining some tree shelters. We live in
      > East Scotland and the hedging will be fairly exposed. The saplings
      are all
      > native and locally grown. We have a few visiting sheep (living
      > not to mention rabbits, hares, deer etc. What is the cheapest way to
      > the plantings? All suggestions gratefully received. Do I actually
      need to
      > protect ALL the trees - looking at one willow site it appears that
      for the
      > 'fedge' I don't need to provide individual plant protection, other than
      > matting or other form of weed prevention.

      > Look foward to reading your replies.

      > Shirlz xx

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