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Re: soil effects

From - http://www.spectrumanalytic.com/support/library/rf/Gypsum.htm http://www.spectrumanalytic.com/support/library/rf/Gypsum.htm As a soil amendment, gypsum
Jun 28

Re: soil effects

Hi!  Gypsum is used in high ph natrium soils. That is because it lowers pH and displaces excess sodium from soil, that is then washed with rain or heavy
Catarina Joaquim
Jun 28

Re: soil effects

Thank you... Geir 2015-06-15 8:49 GMT+02:00 Ian Law creagan2@... [pfaf] < ... Thank you... Geir 2015-06-15 8:49 GMT+02:00 Ian Law creagan2@...
Geir Flatabø
Jun 27

Re: soil effects

Hi Geir, when i worked at a soils lab way back in the '80s, it was being talked about as a soil conditioner...for breaking up heavy clay soils and generally
Ian Law
Jun 27

Re: soil effects

Perhaps my potatoes should get some also... thanks Geir 2015-06-16 14:31 GMT+02:00 phil corbett philcorbett53@... [pfaf] < ... Perhaps my potatoes
Geir Flatabø
Jun 16

Re: soil effects

Hi Geir - I've just read that its used as a calcium fertiliser for acid-loving crops like potatoes - so it looks like its availability to plants fairly soon
phil corbett
Jun 16

Re: soil effects

Sounds reasonable, wort of trying to apply garbage gypsum..... Thanks Geir 2015-06-16 12:10 GMT+02:00 phil corbett philcorbett53@... [pfaf] < ...
Geir Flatabø
Jun 16

Re: soil effects

Hi Geir - I havent used it but its said to be valuable in breaking down clay soils to a crumbly texture.It has particular value when salt pollution of clays
phil corbett
Jun 16

soil effects

Anyone having any experience or knowledge about the effect of Gypsum CaSulphate on soil. Does it have any nutrien value (Both Calcium and Sulphur are impotant
Geir Flatabø
Jun 14

Brighton Permaculture Trust upcoming courses and events

Forest Gardening 4-5 July Fruit Tree Grafting 8 August Scything 22-23 August Introduction to Permaculture 19-20 September Permaculture Design 25 September - 6
May 26

Re: Ferula asafoetida / hing processing

I'm not sure at all Just learned of it (thanks) Something I could use My lung started hurting after sitting on a New lazyboy couch (OSB Particle board) Know
May 10

Sutera cordata

Do you have any knowledge/experience regarding its edibility/toxicity? -- Sam Schaperow, MSMFT, LMFT *Clinical Director* PsychologyCT.com (Psychology CT)
Sam Schaperow
May 9

Ferula asafoetida / hing processing

Hi, I have grown asafoetida in my polytunnel for about 5 years now so the roots are large enough to be harvested but I have no idea how to extract the resin.
Francesca Beamish
May 8

Re: early summer gathering 29.5.-08.6.15, forest garden in Lower Sax

MAY 1st is guerrilla gardening day I would of liked asking the city to plant plants in empty lots i didn't know may 1st was the national day for it. --maybe I
Apr 30

early summer gathering 29.5.-08.6.15, forest garden in Lower Saxony,

(english below) Frhsommer-Camp im Waldgartenprojekt, 29.05. - 08.06.2015, Verden/Niedersachsen http://allmende.de.vu Der Himmel blau - oder der Regen lacht!
Apr 30
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