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  • cutoutcows
    Nov 29, 2005
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      Hello and thank you! for your helpful ideas and suggestions for
      the `peace garden', many of them were included in the design and I
      would have included them all had there not been limited room (so
      many plants so little room, a common complaint of mine).

      Over the last few days I have been lost in an inspired haze of
      planning, drawing, and thinking about these and many other plants.

      The peace bed was part of a permaculture design plan which was a
      component in my course, today was our last day and we show cased the
      plans to the community group. They were delighted with all the
      designs (4 in total) and may or may not use mine.

      The community where the garden is situated is in an area with a lot
      of youth suicide problems and the facilitator said several
      young 'troubled' women have been coming in and gardening which has
      been helping improve their self esteem, and providing them with a
      safe space. I could really see these women benefiting from some
      quiet time in the sweetly fragranced peace garden sanctuary you have
      helped design so I really hope it comes to fruition.

      In my recent pacifist explorations I have also joined 'food not
      bombs' and I hope to distribute any spare seedlings I have around so
      that people can grow their own food for peace:-)

      If we don't plant the seeds of peace how will it grow?
      Thanks again for watering me.

      love and peace
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