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  • Geir Flatabø
    Nov 22, 2005
      >Also, I'm working on a bed called 'Signatures & Sympathies', this
      >will hopefully be an interactive display of plants used in medicine
      >according to their visible signatures or by sympathetic/imitative
      >magic. Strangely, I've hit a nearly complete blank where signature
      >plants are concerned and would love to hear suggestions. It seems
      >that most internet sources dwell on the same four examples from the
      >Doctrine of Signatures but I need far more than that. I would
      >prefer plants which display their signatures as they are grown eg
      >Lungworts blotches look like lung disease; the tiny translucent
      >holes in Hypericum (st johns wort) leaves make it useful for stab
      >wounds etc. Plants which are used according to their roots are not
      >so useful because the roots cant be seen but still interesting to
      >hear about.
      >Blue Skies
      Was this also ment from Wales only ?,
      or anywhere,
      -- nearly every plant have some signature - lore put to it,
      Primula veris , st Johns keys,
      Alchemilla vulgaris coll, lady Marys - rain mantle,
      Juniperus communis, the holy crucifix at top of berries,
      Allium sativum, Garlic - the smell of the devil.

      by the way *did you know Garlic really is named after me - personally* !
      My name is Geir
      The name garlic comes from old old norse Geirr Lauk (Geirr-leek) -
      lauk / leek an onion.
      meaning Geirr is the sharp point of a lance or an arrow, like the
      garlic looks as it comes up from earth and streching,
      and the sharp biting taste and smell....

      Geir Flatabø
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