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  • Griselda
    Nov 19, 2005
      Re: [pfaf] peace garden What a wonderful idea. I personally love the sweet fragrant herbs, marjoram, basil, thyme, the mints. For me, they are associated with the peaceful industry of bees, children playing peacefully in a warm quiet garden, and cooking done with patience and love.
      I remember as a child hiding in the black-currant bushes during the summer, and the flowering currants in the spring. I loved the sweet small of lemon balm, so distinct and fragrant.
      I loved hollyhocks too, for their open honest spires of subtle colours, and the wonderful smell of old-time marigolds.
      There is something about the timelessness of a garden for young children. In fact my family life was rather distraught, but through a miracle of chance we children had access to one or two old-fashioned gardens where these things grew, and we spent quiet happy hours there, playing, chatting, being. We had no desires, no ambitions, no arguments. We just ‘were’ among these old-fashioned plants.
      I realise, reading this, how important the smells were...we had no-one to teach us about the plants, as none of the grown-ups really knew or cared, but we could experience these wonderful smells for ourselves. Each one was so distinct and memorable. All we had to do was take a leaf, and crush it gently in our little fingers.
      I find I am re-living my memories because of your request. Thank you.

      I am designing a peace garden bed for a community garden on a warm,
      sunny, temperate site.  

      I was wondering if anyone would like to share any plants that conjure
      up thoughts/feelings of peace for them, by association, experience,
      fragrance, visually, anything would really be appreaciated.

      I like the idea of people eating the 'produce of peace' too, so far I
      have olives, and rosemary for rememberance...



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