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930[Fwd: TURKISH MULBERRY TREE seed, the rare one, free]

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  • Richard Morris
    Oct 13, 2005
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      Subject: TURKISH MULBERRY TREE seed, the rare one, free
      Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2005 16:50:06 -0700
      From: anita the astrologer <astrology@...>
      To: anita <astrology@...>

      My turkish Mulberry (sometimes called ITALIAN mulberry,) has so much
      fruit, it
      dried on the tree like raisins. I collected them, find they are full of
      seed. I
      am breaking berries into pieces, a seed in each piece, packaging the
      dozen seeds
      up. Have many packages and sitll not runnig out.

      YOU WANT TO GROW THIS TREE? OR HAVE A PAL with a garden and green thumb?
      stamps to me and I return the seed to you, with other things, guava seed if
      tropical area, canna lillies, calla lillies, ultramarine blue
      morninglory and
      brunfelsia paucinia bush, like a purple gardenia, very fragrant, tropical
      though.... pot it up away from snails for two yrs before setting out.

      MELIA tree, himalyan descent, china berry, umbrella tree, melia azerbach,
      drenches air with scent of fragrant lavendar flowers in spring, followed by
      berries with eight sided solid wooden star seeds, made into rosaries in
      Get a dreml drill! The branches, when dry, make arbors as they are
      straight and
      cylindrical. My landlord wants to prune the thing every january but I
      make him
      just prune branches with more than 2 or 3" diameter at base so I can use for

      To get all these, send stamps to 7900 zelzah avenue, reseda ca 91335.

      THIS TREE has a sweet, tangy, juicy mulberry; it is NOT the usual bland
      but very
      good for you black mulberry. IT IS BLACK and more like a boysenberry.
      They are
      sold at beverly hills/ wla fruit markets for l0$ an lb.
      You can't pick them red. They must get entirely black. I'd pot it up for
      two yrs
      before putting it out.

      Sunset book says any climate! Even canada.

      Stamps only 7900 zelzah avenue, reseda ca 91335.