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924Re: [pfaf] Katrina damage

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  • william anderson
    Oct 1, 2005
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      Hi, I live in Illinois. In the fall after the frost killed the garden or early in the spring, we often planted rye as a ground cover and as green manure to plow or till under. I realize that rye and also oats are grasses but they make good temporary ground covers. In fact I planted some with vetch on a small plot that was unused. Nothing but sand. And the rye came back for many years while the vetch increased each year adding nitrogen to the soil.

      smallen2 <smallen2@...> wrote:
      I have a 6 acre wooded lot that had a great cover with natural pine
      straw and leaves. Hurricane Katrina destroyed about a third of my
      trees. I now have large areas with all this natural cover removed by
      the bulldozers and other machinery used to clean up the mess. It is
      largely sloped about 10-15 degrees. There are not enough trees left to
      naturally recover the aforementioned areas. I have two needs. What to
      do in the immediate future for erosion. And what to plant long term
      that will cover quickly. I have about decided to use pine straw
      initially, but have no idea what to use long term. I do not want
      grass. The area is not close to a watering source. I would like some
      sort of seed of a non-flowering ground cover that will cover quickly.
      Any advice appreciated.

      Thanks. Dr. Mark Allen, 305 S. Archusa Ave.,Quitman, MS. 39355.

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