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900plants to start with

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  • Dva Wolk
    Aug 29, 2005
      I have a question about starting the woodland gardening in Slovenija.
      The location has the following climate averages: average winter temperatures don't go below -5°C, but for a short time, temperatures can reach -15°C (say minimum temperatures in a week long period).
      average summer temperatures reach up to 19°C. Temperatures over 35°C can be achieved, but only for a few hours in the middle of a day.
      The average temperature of 5°C is achived on the second half of march an ended in the middle of november.

      Rainfalls are higher from june  untill december (september is the wettest -> over 150mm) an range from 100 up to 150mm. From january (54mm) rainfalls rise to may (90mm). In a year we have from 1400 to 1600mm.

      I have a small lawn with a Juglans regia and few apple species.Between them there is also a place where sun touches the ground and so the grass is everywhere.By the lawn quite rapid stream is flowing. but its surface is arround 40cm below the ground level.

      So my question is with wat plants should i start to work? What should i plant in the partial shadow below the trees? What by the stream (maybe hippophae rhamnoides?), what should i do with a grass, etc. What hardyness should i look for in PFAF?

      Thanks so much for your answers,
      A PFAF book is outstanding informator. Great job, keep on!