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870Re: [pfaf] Re: [PermacultureWoodlands] WHY WE NEED WILD LAND

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  • Martin Naylor
    Aug 2, 2005
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      oregan must be a pretty nice place, two of my gods from the seventies moved there, robert masters and jean houston, as oregon become the new hippy land

      Diana Santry <dianasantry@...> wrote:
      We have a pretty good attitude about wildness here in
      Portland, Oregon, US, still I live in a 'tidy'
      neighborhood.  I don't have much more than a little
      city lot, but it's teeming with berries and fruit and
      weeds! that the pollinators love!  My neighbors don't
      know much of what to think, because it certainly
      doesn't fit in, but its gorgeous! and me and the kids
      can eat berries if we beat the birds and life is here!
      I hope this takes over the town.  Feels so good!
      Congratulations to all of us humans allowing our earth
      to recover in Texas and in Australia and all over this
      world! We don't need to control everything! Thanks for
      this posting. My heart feels better hearing about
      people with a future in mind!

      --- Martin Naylor <martinwnaylor@...> wrote:

      > hi
      > thats so wonderfull, over here in australia we have
      > a tidy towns competition, bill mollison whant's it
      > changed to an untidy town's competition, at least
      > you know that your eyes don't lie, don't fear there
      > are many along the line who know not what any of it
      > is worth,
      > martin
      > "Gloria C. Baikauskas" <gcb49@...> wrote:
      > I wish I had a camera...and had had a camera...to
      > show you what has
      > happened to my own 3 acres in NCentral Texas in the
      > 8 years we have
      > lived here.  I don't mow it..well most of it. 
      > It is also regenerating.  Each year I see new weeds
      > replace the
      > varieties that were there the year before..and
      > sometimes longer. 
      > Birds, or other critters, have planted trees for us
      > that have grown
      > so quickly it is hard to believe after dealing with
      > transplanted
      > trees from nurseries all of my life.  One hackberry
      > tree was as tall
      > as the house (sits on the other side of the driveway
      > from it) after 3
      > years! 
      > Wildflowers also seem to change out.  It has been so
      > interesting to
      > watch, though I suspect the neighbors think I am
      > eccentric, to say
      > the least, and crazy maybe more often. 
      > I have tried to explain it to them...and watched
      > them roll their eyes
      > too often. 
      > When we moved here this was basically dead soil.  It
      > had been
      > chemically farmed for as long as anyone remembered.
      > I used to get
      > rashes all over me when I tried working in the
      > soil...and my dogs
      > lost hair from laying on it. 
      > It has taught me so much more than I could ever
      > learn in a book, even
      > if it looks like no gardener lives here at all.
      > Gloria, Texas USA
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