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851Re: Stats from pfaf database

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  • sustain_ability@123mail.org
    Jul 16, 2005
      Good on you, Rich.

      I am still in the planning stages, but vegetation will play a big role
      on my rocky (needs tree roots that can dissolve rocks) landscape with
      acidic soil (need acid-loving plants) in zone 3a (meaning cold enough to
      destroy shallow-rooted plants in rock-laden soils) at a fairly decent
      latitude of 45.9.

      I will likely use a combo raised bed/many-uses panels (incl. shade,
      transparent, open with chicken wire inserts) type structure that can be
      moved to more suitable locations according to the season, i.e.
      winterized greenhouse with several redundant heating systems and
      container growing. The extreme would be an aquaponic set-up combo, but
      that needs a lot more planning. Still, the ideas are appearing on
      various discussion groups. It is very gratifying.

      George (Canada)

      On Sat, 16 Jul 2005 20:42:28 +0100, "Richard Morris"
      <webmaster@...> said:
      > Hi All,
      > People might be interested latest stats from the PFAF website.
      > These are from the ibiblio US mirror over the last two years.
      > Hits shot up from about 100,000/month to about 400,000/month
      > around the time the old Leeds website went off line.
      -- The tragedy of the cheap oil era is that there was no need to learn from our mistakes.

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