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839Re: [pfaf] Need Advice for Laurentians (Rocky, Acidic Soil), Short Growing Season

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  • Geir Flatabø
    Jun 26, 2005
      mogiljan skrev:

      >I'm looking for something along the lines of permaculture; in the hope
      >of planting either nut trees (perhaps with artificial shelter to
      >extend the growing season and protect the roots against deep freeze)
      >or use raised beds for gardening (again, a hoop/green-house may be
      >Compost - very necessary, but there's not a lot of excess soil to
      >start with.
      >George (Canada)
      Obviously if ther is beech growing,
      at least three nut trees will make it:
      Pinus cembra, Pinus koraiensis, Pinus sibirica,
      Probably also Corylus avellana , C. colurna, and C. maxima and hybrids,

      if you were situated in Norway (I am) -
      if beech is growing, I would also try Juglans regia, Juglans nigra,
      Castanea dentata,
      here they thrive with approx 120 - 150 days growing season.

      Geir Flatabø
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