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837Re: Need Advice for Laurentians (Rocky, Acidic Soil), Short Growing Season

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  • George Mogiljansky
    Jun 25, 2005
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      Thank you, Bob. I'm just discovering permaculture
      (incl. environmental horticulture).

      I planted three chestnut seedlings in April but they
      didn't take. I'm told the soil was too cold. I also
      didn't harden them enough, I suspect.

      The current property has likely very limited use as a
      growing zone for edibles. There are about four "wild"
      apple trees, raspberries, earth strawberries, a few
      blueberry bushes (the fast growing spruce is
      overtaking them), choke cherry (barely present), and
      the rhubarb has disappeared.

      I will look for a local source of seedlings for beaked
      hazel and jack pine, unless they can be started from


      --- Bob Ewing <urbanpermaculture@...> wrote:

      > Greetings, i live in Thunder Bay, Ontario on the
      > edge
      > of the Boreal Forest, growing conditions appear to
      > be
      > similar to yours. We have grown, jack pine,
      > blueberries and beaked hazel (C. cornuta) in close
      > proximity and all do well. The jack pine provides
      > the
      > acidic soil that blueberries love.
      > The beaked hazel thrives here and provides edible
      > nuts.
      > Bob Ewing
      > Permaculture is how we take control over our own
      > lives, meet our individual needs and build our
      > common future. Let Nature be your mentor.
      > www.restoretheearth.ca

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