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783galanga and alpinia sp.

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  • Luca "Jama"
    Apr 1, 2005
      Hello everybody,
      I'm new to pfaf mailinglist, I'm from Italy and I grow a plant collection
      which became a personal project some years ago under name "The Ethnobotanic
      This just to introduce myself...
      this email is to ask if someone know differences in usage and safety between
      Alpinia galanga (galanga spice) and other Alpinia species. Particularly I'd
      like to know if anyone know if Alpinia caerulea is used and if it could be
      harmful if ingested.
      I grow here a large specimen (or just a clump of specimens) of Alpinia but
      they're mixed Alpinia galanga and Alpinia caerulea (when I put them together
      in the same pot I didn't realize they grow so well in my area). If anyone
      know differences will be great, because I'd like to try culinary employment
      of theese plants of myself.

      Luca Gelardi - The Ethnobotanic Garden - ITALY
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