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707Re: [pfaf] Re: Walnut and Chestnut seed from UK production trees!!!!

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  • King Amdo
    Jan 15, 2005
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      It's a matter of re-incarnation rather than bloodline Tibetan...so this is what you might call 'spirit talk' ... the stuff behind the head games of 'reality'...most people don't operate on this level and most people wouldn't talk on this level face to face...(remember keep it normal, keep it shallow).
      I just KNOW what my reincarnation is from India...particularly the Himalayas...one just 'knows'. It is another reality there. It was like going from one extreme to another...from a soceity in North wales, where I live most of the time, where the local people are programmed (in trems of magic) by 'the beast' to try and use actually there own bardic saints as scpaegoats for the nightmare regime...this happening basicially as a malign procress rather than  a overt plot. (but not always if you have 'peace convoy' police record!). Its not a matter of, mainstream or famous person creedos...that's not important, and this applies to anyone. I would recommend for people in the west to visit these places...it is truely incredible....and the lightening goes BANG BANG BANG BANG etc etc etc just like in 'Monkey' from a storm invocked by the holy people. (sometimes!).
      The amount of books that people read, course that people go on, etc etc, here in the west (because people are rich is incredible...and it's all very unlike India here....I mean for example you have the 'Life Foundation' here in North Wales who are definietly 'anti drugs' even though they are a sort of Ashramic Hindu Indian type senario with their guru, 'manny' and the use of Charras in Hindu Shinite rituals (you invoke the diety to be present in yourelf!) OM SHIVA!...and they are as paranoid of Charras and thus Lord Shiva as the police freemasons. Ar-ha! (and of course this 'dodge ashram' appears to be the main wholefood/permy place in the Bangor area...and of course the mainstream (very british) Free Tibet campaign do business with these facsist scapegoaters. (unfortunately 'still' part of masonic plot). Arr of course, just rememebring, they are giving their power away as part of this dodge hierachy to 'the guru'. Whats he doing with all this enrgy?...egosing probably.
      I.e. What the Native American's call 'plastic shammans'...a huge tendancy for his to occur in the west because of the nature of the way society is held together...as I reveal in link to the ritual abuse site. What Native Americans are teaching if they are teaching anything is for poeple in the west to get into their own real Native tradition..which here for Native UK'ers is Anglo saxon and celtic goddess magic..and of course the amazing gentle peaceful and powerful totally differentiated 'brigantee' ancient goddess cult reality....I would recomend people to visit the Callanish goddess temple reality making 'machine' on Lewis, Outer Hebredies. Who built this? The goddess!..The local present day christian (the outer hebridies was only taken over by christians realitively recently...look what they've done to Hirta!)
      One thing that I thought and said to people in India (they are very much into guru's there) is that you don't need to via a guru to access the goddess!
      One last thing, I think that people 'overteach' in permy circles...too much human 'direction'....when really if the way the space is foculised in terms of magic is correct (ie basically protected from malign influences) then 'Jah guidance' type thing would tell you where to plant and what to palnt and so on...and eventually the thing becomes a 'goddess intellence'...and not just blind ignorant nature...as i said like the garden of eden but without the anti goddess stuff...Krisha's garden! So if you are luck enough to experience this sort of 'auspicious' reality than the goddess stops the slugs from eating your food plants and so on...you would not have to use (non toxic or otherwise) pest killers. Thats the way it works. The 'west' is the ultimate malign space/energy...Native and tribal possibilites can incarnate a truely magical and auspicious space. (try and keep money out of it!).
      You can see the possiblilites for malicious energy degrading yuor magic garden because, of course you NEED a whole load of pest and slug killers, ans once you start killing things (from the viewpoint of this 'High cast' (In eastern terms, not a spacegoat 'class' trip like in the west but based unpon accumlated good karma of good deeds and so on))...then your karma gets a bit screwed up, and 'here come the slugs'!
      I'm in a bit of a loony bin situation here because I'm making this garden here in kent, may parents house, and my Dad is JUST PYCOTICALLY stuck in 'straight line' world...trashing through the sacred spaces that happen...it's really horrible!..because what you are doing with this sort of 'alchemy' is actually changing yourslelf...and then to have the masons channeling through your own dad...it's a nightmare as you can imagine...until the silly fucker is right inside my fucking head!
      I can see why witches and so on get driven scitzphranic by the masons and end up slaughtering their own parents!
      Trust me people, the 'Life foundation' are poison..they play 'negative head games'..like born again christians...kinda trying to 'catch' hold of one by 'dirty' and abusive talk behind ones back. That sort of 'games' are tabboo in real Tibetan circles...bcasue of the danger of triggering a pyscosis and so on and just stupid anyway.
      ...of course to ones face..."YES HELLO JIM HOW ARE YOU TODAY" (special loud voice for the scitzahrenic and the 'punter'.)
      Horrible people.
      Sorry about the 'full on' claim for respect...that's sort of stuff from another scene...something to my now erstwhile friends in the 'convoy'...where the 'currency' is hashish..a donation for the geezer that's solved the masons riddle...and an incredible survivor, no ov course not, just another punter and this crew is suppost TO KNOW.
      I have to say I will always be eternally grateful to Bill for the permaculture thing...a ethos that makes no separation, no one being excluded, even a paraniod scitzphrenic 'child aware' (sick) peace convoy disease, but actually a reincarnated Tibetan Bodistava saint! (tust me it certainly is not just the police masons that do this scapegoat act, but many many in the alternative and new age scene'. Maybe it's something to do with the british..I guess I should have got out years ago!
      Many Many Blessings Bill.
      Blessed be.
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