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699Re: [pfaf] Re: Walnut and Chestnut seed from UK production trees!!!!

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  • King Amdo
    Jan 14, 2005
      Sorry I did say that I don't want to start a debate about this, but I will say that you are wrong, I know from my experienece in a untrashed tribal area...Kumoan in the Hindu Himalaya that the religious/magical senario is very effective and powerful and amazing at achieving real results both in terms of personnal consciousness and 'outside' results. I really think that the 'anti religious' thing that we have in the west is a actually a sane reaction to the inherent negativity of christianity. They is huge value and great power in Indigenous culture and religion...something that has been erased by 'blightyism' etc here. You cannot dismiss native tribal culture in this please mr westerner however pretty your words may sound. Have you just shapeshifted an entire new mountain range into existance? NO? Then please shut up.
      Thank you.
      OM SHIVA!
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      Sent: Thursday, January 13, 2005 11:24 PM
      Subject: Re: [pfaf] Re: Walnut and Chestnut seed from UK production trees!!!!

      is the magic a creation of your mind, or are you observing totaly unjudgemental, beware of religions and culture they are all created by human minds, they are not  truth, truth and love are always new

      King Amdo <KingAmdo@...> wrote:
      One last thing that I forgot.....can you imagine a reality like the garden of eden but without the anti female/goddess programming?
      A sort of auspicious space where magic is real, and reality changes by magic to suit your needs?
      The ideal forest garden! hey it's right outside!
      This is what is possible with the right magic. (non christian).
      Thus ultimately, despite 'everything that we've learned', reality is non rational...reality is not fixed....giving you good production trees!
      ...but of course that's not the 'real world'..in fact I'm some sort of hippy werido, who's magic and headstate must be trashed and the real world must carry on....carry on dealing, selling, money money money...

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