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667Re: [pfaf] Plants for a Future - website

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  • Anna Fraser
    Dec 5, 2004
      Quite shocked to hear that the PFAF website has gone off line as well!
      It can be quite hard to find a decent webhost that is not to expensive.
      I have been running a large non-commercial hobby website myself for just over  2 years now all about trees (www.the-tree.org.uk), which has presently over a 1000 pages. I wanted to be independent & did not want any advertisements or strings and be able to use the domain name, have frontpage extensions and good database facilities, etc.
      I found a great deal for less than 50 pence a week (£20 a year + VAT). Don't worry - I have no shares or other interests in this business!
      I was please to find this server myself and have been with them without any problems for over 2 years. So just wondered if they would make suitable host for PFAF? Details below.
      All the specs are fantasticly good and generous for the money, their server is quite fast and their support is impressively prompt (so far always within the hour).
      The only limiting factor on the deal might be the 6 GB data transfer per months. I don't know how many hits and visitors use the PFAF site to know if this would be adequate.
      To give you an idea of what this means: I have had 291534 hits during the last 30 days generated by 25107 individual users, which added up to 1835 MB of data transfer this month. The fact that the hits are so much more than the indivual users is due to the fact that I have lots of pictures and quite a few java-type link buttons, which all contribute muchly to the data transfer
      Anyhow, hope PFAF finds a good server soon! Best of luck!
      Anna Fraser
      • 500MB of disk space
      • 6GB of data transfer per month
      • Frontpage extensions version 2002
      • Unlimited POP3 mail@...
      • Unlimited mail forwarding mail@...
      • Webmail for POP3 accounts
      • Email is filtered for Spam and Viruses
      • Unlimited subdomains of your domain name
        e.g. http://subdomain.yourdomain.com/
      • CGI-BIN directory
      • Control Panel
      • Perl 5
      • PHP 4
      • SSI (server side includes)
      • MySQL Database
      • phpMyAdmin for MySQL management
      • SSH access
      • Full FTP access
      • Detailed visitor statistics
      • Close control downflow air conditioning units.
      • UPS system and Generator back-up

      All the web servers contain Dual Processors, 1GB memory minimum
      and Ultra Wide SCSI Hard Disk Drives with raid 1. The network
      consists of multiple 100Mbs fast Ethernet connections.
      The cost of this package is £20* per year +VAT
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