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638Re: [pfaf] Query re mowers forwarded from Permaculture forum

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  • Richard Morris
    Oct 26, 2004
      Graham Burnett wrote:
      > [quote="alisoun"]HI, we have 2 acres of formerly grazed land to mow (long
      > grass and thistles), to compost it and turn into veg beds next year.No
      > machinery except a non-functioning strimmer which I hate, and n o tractor
      > access. An y ideas of how to do it by hand or hand-operated machine? We're
      > looking for a scythe but maybe there are weird and wonderful old
      > machines?[/quote]
      > Permaculture magazine had an article about syths a couple of issues back,
      > together with addrsses of suppliers (I think they might even be selling them
      > themselves via their Earthcare catalogue). Rich Morris of Plants for A
      > Future mentioned something a while back on the PFAF discussion list (I
      > think) about some kind of eco-friendly mulching mower they'd just purchased
      > for the PFAF site...
      > I'll forward this to PFAF and see if he can tell us more...

      Here what we printed in our newseltter:

      As already mentioned a Benassi Horizontal Sythe mower was bought for the
      Field. We think this is a lot more friendly to little critters than
      rotary mowers as the horizontal action makes a clean cut and allows the
      creatures to jump free rather than being spun about inside a rotary
      mower. Its also a much better tool for cutting through long undergrowth
      and can easily cut through anything up to waist height, the only time it
      has failed was on a large patch of brambles. On the first day we managed
      to clear all the very overgrown paths on site using the mower at walking
      pace. The only thing to watch is that all the nuts are good and tight,
      trying to find a lost nut in a 20 acre site is not an activity to be

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