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6302Re: [pfaf] Best way of growing tomatoes

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  • fran k
    Jun 19, 2014
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      Thanks Geir, Ben, and Phillip, I shall go with the tall and thin and airy for plenty of tomatoes and less blight.

      May experiment with growing them as a bush another time.

      I did hear of a woman that got great harvests of tomatoes from only a couple of plants that she grew.

      :-) Frank

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      Hey Frank.

      Tomatoes come in 2 distinct growing types  'determinant' and 'indeterminant'.
      The determinant are more bush style of growing suitable for outside open field growing. Grown with little or no pruning.
      Indeterminant are grown in glasshouses(and outside) and need a support of some sort. A central leader is encouraged and all off shoots are pinched out.
      These will keep on growing up heat and nutrients allowing, hence used in hydroponic production....
      Most productive for the home gardener. If you allow the side shoots to grow and tomatoes to develop you can end up with a crazy out of control plant that has hundreds of little tomatoes on that don't ripen or grow to the desired size of the variety.

      In a glass house you can allow a second leader to develop about 1.5m up to increase the amount of trusses.

      Lots of amazing heritage tomato varieties out there in determinant and indeterminant varieties.

      Hope that makes sense and helps a bit.
      all the best

      On 10/06/2014, at 8:52 am, Geir Flatabø geirf@... [pfaf] <pfaf@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      all commercial growing does it the first way,  tall and cuttign out all side shots,  probabaly you then get the best harvest..

      Geir Flatabø

      2014-06-09 15:28 GMT+02:00 'frank_bowman@...'frank_bowman@... [pfaf] <pfaf@yahoogroups.com>:

      Hello all.

      Anyone know the best easiest most productive way of growing tomatoes.

      Tall and thin by cutting out all the trusses as they grow. And cutting out a lot of the leaves

      Or wide and as fat as a jungle?

      I need to figure it out fast as I'll be planting them in today/tomorrow.

      Any views given much appreciated.



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