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63Re: [pfaf] RE: possible help

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  • Joanie MacPhee
    Dec 10, 2001
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      Well, perhaps, as no one has found an English name, and the only references
      found refer to its being native to Turkey, that it is not native to the
      English speaking countries, and perhaps does not *have* an English name...??

      Though I still have not stumbled upon some of my more extensive books on
      edible plants...when I do I will look in them.

      Is it possible that the genus name of this Polygonum has chenged, as have
      to many, to Persicaria, Fallopia, Fagopyrum, or any other, and that this has
      been a problem with the online search? Or is the Polygonum genus most
      current? Most of my books are old enough to not reflect these changes, but
      I do know that this species is not one of the 40 species of Polygonum
      recognized as growing wild in New England as of 25 years ago. Joanie

      >I've looked through many search engines and botanical databases and can't
      >find that plant listed, except in one obscure study.
      >http://www.econbot.org/journal/Vol54_2/ebot-54-2-155.pdf This paper is
      >titled, "An Ethnobotanical Study in Central Anatolia (Turkey)." It talks
      >Polygonum cognatum Meissn being used as a green and eaten by people in
      >Turkey. It was sun-dried in spring and then stored for winter.
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