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  • phil corbett
    Jun 10, 2014
      Hi Sam - I had a Fargesia murielae that seeded, about 15 years ago. This is a relatively short and hardy bamboo, often used for civic plantings. Its seeds where like wheat grains, slightly smaller and quite numerous for a small plant. The seed proved fertile and gave rise to numerous seedlings, which were grown on and sold. The mother plant died after seeding. As it was a single isolated plant I think it must be self-fertile.

      Other examples of this species in my region did not fruit and continued to grow, showing that for this specie not all individuals fruit at the same time.

      I didn't eat any of the seed, but now I know how rare an event this is, I wish I had!.

      This was grown in Derbyshire, England, at about 300metres altitude.



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      I just learned that bamboo plants can fruit, albeit at rare intervals, and I've read that occasionally the fruit get ripe on the plant.  Has anyone here tried ripe bamboo fruit? 

      Sam Schaperow, MSMFT, LMFT
      Clinical Director

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