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6291Re: [pfaf] mulch producing plants

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  • Bruce
    Jun 9, 2014
      How about Russian comfrey? I have 4 acres and let the grass( and other plants mixed in) grow in various areas I then cut it with  a scythe an leave it in a heap to wilt before putting it around trees and shrubs as a mulch. However comfrey would be a brilliant alternative as its a mineral accumulator and is easy to propagate.
      Bruce Slark (forest gardener)

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      Subject: [pfaf] mulch producing plants

      Hi I am looking around at plants to grow to provide mulching material to replace straw. My garden is an acre so i have space to play with, I guess I could grow straw but would prefer a perennial alternative.
      Has anyone any experience in  Miscanthus × giganteus elephant grass in a large garden environment? Is it at all invasive. If it were a problem to irradicate I don't suppose farmers would try it?
      Braken makes good mulch, would it be stupid to grow braken? Yes it is sturdy stuff but I'd want it to grow lots to make the mulching material. The local country park struggles to reduce the braken, perhaps nicely efficient to remove theirs!
      or would it be wisest to make a reed bed and grow phragmites?

      thanks for your help in this brainstorm!

      Cesca Beamish

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