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6279Permaculture Design, Deep Nature Connection, and Natural Health, Scotland 4-18 July

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  • Klaudia van Gool
    Apr 21, 2014

      This holistic approach towards permaculture is a exciting new combination. It reflects the pioneering permaculture vision that Earth Ways has developed over the years.

      Permaculture starts with nature connection and is only complete when people are as healthy as they can be.

      Permaculture is designing sustainable systems, modelled on nature. Re-connecting with nature to better understand her is an essential first step.

      Learn about natural systems and deepen your understanding of Permaculture Design, Forest Gardening and ecosystems. Be(come) connected to nature and learn how to design a permaculture diet with a natural health chef. She will show us how to design ‘a permaculture diet’ and feed us this way for the full 14 days enabling us to experience how our body and mind feels when fed so healthily. Food that is good for the planet AND good for us!
      You will also have the opportunity to spend some time foraging, relaxing and exploring Scottish Highland’s nature, where you can discover the magnificent wildlife present in this stunning location.

      The delightful flavour of this Permaculture Design Course will be upheld by the 4 awesome teachers working together, with the accents of Nature Connection and Natural Health making it a PDC with distinction. Ludwig Appeltans, Klaudia van Gool, Greg Sommer and Georgina Richardson will offer a fantastic 14 day intensive course at Anam Cara

      Upon successful completion you will be awarded a certificate in Permaculture Design from the Permaculture Association Britain.

      More information here: http://www.earth-ways.co.uk/pdc-2014/#.U1VEe6LzSuk



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