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6272Re: [pfaf] what resistant ulmus tastes best?

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  • Bruce
    Feb 16, 2014
      Hi Allmende
      I would plant small leaf lime (Tilia cordata) the young leaves are the best I have tried, but you do have to pollard them every 6 to 10 years to keep a supply for easy picking and to generate lots of young leaves.
      Good luck

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      Subject: [pfaf] what resistant ulmus tastes best?


      I think of buying an ulmus for salad/spinach. wikipedia says, the
      dutch elm desease is a major thread and u. laevis is the most
      resistant natural species.
      Besides I found this company http://www.resista-ulmen.com/ that sells
      resistant hybrids. These contain
      pumila x japonica
      or hollandica (=minor x glabra) x pumila x carpinifolia
      or pumila x americana

      Does anyone here know the differences between these species (and laevis)?

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