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  • Marcia Cash
    Nov 6, 2013
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      I live in Texas, just the opposite climate from Norway:  too hot & dry half the year.
      We are having a lovely "second spring" this November, after heavy rains, all is lush and green.
      We eat better in winter, when all the lettuce is sweet.   Summer is our dead brown time.

      Passiflora incarnata is native from San Antonio southward, 
      an herbaceous perrennial in the north part of its range,  my backyard.
      So for me, it it blooms small, greenish flowers, not at all showy,
      and the tiny fruits never get ripe, though the squirrels will eat them green 
      (along with all the peaches).

      Passifloras love living in greenhouses, though.  I've seen some beauties,
      with gorgeous flowers and fruit big enough to eat.   They are native to Mexico,
      but can survive on the south side of a stone wall at the Alamo.
      Marcia Cash, Traveler in Thyme <traveler.in.thyme@...>
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