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6201Re: [pfaf] Re: those posts on non chlorophyll plants

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  • infowolf1
    Aug 27, 2013
      tracking back, apparently the post was a question about the Indian Pipe, 
      monotropa uniflora #646, which was a long time ago, and I must have
      thought this was recent when I was blearily going through the messages
      or something, it is not the post but the pages I turned up in researching
      the plant that led me to the subject of non photosynthesizing plants.
      the question was about them "glowing" in the dark which the queryer
      apparently had misread from "GROWING": in the dark. This led me 
      to the cancerroot and some other plants. 

      One person's misread and another's digging leads to unimagined stuff.
      Plus the second person's not noticing the dates on posts leads to 
      thinking it all got there just in time when this was from AD 2004.


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      Have those posts on plants without chlorophyll been deleted? For I am unable to locate them by typing in such words into the search engine line. Have tried the full phrase then the key words.

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      > Those posts here on plants without chlorophyll, arrived just
      > in time to get my attention. >
      > http://politicallyunclassifiable.blogspot.com

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